Ballet in the Park 2017, Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Every single year, I wait for the end of July- not because of the unbearable sun and 30°C+ temperatures, but because Ballet in the Park happens and completes my little ballet soul. A local Travel Thursday if you will! If you are new to the blog, ballet has been a lifelong passion of mine! Although I never moved on past my professional exams, I’ve kept dancing and attending and following throughout the years. Ballet in the Park is unlike any other show; taking place at the Lyric Theatre at Assiniboine Park here in Winnipeg, it’s an amazing event that allows us to celebrate and enjoy the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and this fair city of ours!

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An Historian About… Ballet in the Park 2016!

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Ballet in the Park! Ballet in the Park is a fantastic event that happens every summer in Winnipeg- the Royal Winnipeg Ballet company, Professional Division, and Recreational Division all perform in a free event at our biggest park for three evenings. I think that it is a brilliant event- it exposes the community to ballet for those who are intimidated or can’t afford it, it allows us to see a different piece that usually isn’t in the season, and it takes advantage of the beautiful weather in the summer. Yes, we have ridiculously cold winters. However, we also have ridiculously hot summers, with temperatures upwards of 35°C. So, what were we treated to this year?

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet'sBallet in the Park, 201t

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