Style Saturday- 27 February 2016

I have had some good luck lately in the clothing department! I am looking for spring and summer appropriate clothing that isn’t necessarily limited to those seasons, and I think I am doing well. What have I procured lately?
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Style Saturday: 20 February 2016

This week we are back to regular old purchases, no more big shopping hauls from Seattle! Although spreading it out 3-4 items at a time does make it seem like a lot more. Or that could be what I tell myself haha! These are all relatively inexpensive purchases, so nothing crazy here. Continue reading

Style Saturday- 5 December 2015 (Blogmas #3)

Holidays have a style all of their own, and this week is a celebration of all holiday clothes! It’s not a stretch to think that it was tough for me to make cuts….
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Style Saturday- 28 November 2015

This week’s Style Saturday will be looking at some more of my Seattle purchases! M was absolutely lovely and let me stop in at quite a few places. I ended up with a good assortment! Continue reading

Style Saturday- 26 September, 2015

This Style Saturday will be chronicling my first successful shopping trip at Marshall’s! Jillayne was amazing, she is truly a shopping genius- and she was willing to share that talent with me, thankfully. I wasn’t 100% sure what I was looking for- mostly Kate Spade, to be honest. And sweaters. I found the Kate Spade Margot purse, in leopard print. However, I am never 100% sure about vinyl here and I wasn’t sold. I also found a nylon KS purse- also not sold. Moving on to what we did find! 
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Style Saturday- 21 March 2015

The spring is coming, I tell you!! You can see grass here- or at the very least, the layer of sand left from the winter! I never liked spring before I moved to Ireland- here it is pretty mucky and dirty, and it’s not freezing but not particularly warm, either. As a kid, you spent most of spring waiting to play outside after the sand had been cleaned away. Ireland, however, has a perfectly lovely spring- it warms up, the flowers burn early, and it is ever so green. Since I’ve returned from Dublin, I have a new-found appreciation for spring! There are some key pieces that will get you through spring here: Continue reading