Style Saturday- 12 March 2016

This week’s Style Saturday is going to be a little something different! Because I am consciously trying to slim down my wardrobe and only invest in pieces that are going to be long-term, I will be posting two to three outfits from the week. I’m hoping that it will spur me to be creative and think of my clothing in different ways. This week, we have two spring-ish outfits!Β  Continue reading

Style Saturday- 27 February 2016

I have had some good luck lately in the clothing department! I am looking for spring and summer appropriate clothing that isn’t necessarily limited to those seasons, and I think I am doing well. What have I procured lately?
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Style Saturday- 5 December 2015 (Blogmas #3)

Holidays have a style all of their own, and this week is a celebration of all holiday clothes! It’s not a stretch to think that it was tough for me to make cuts….
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