3 Books for the Modern Jane Austen Reader

While there are a lot of people who find the classics out of date and hard to understand, there are still many of us who love to dig into Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters and Charles Dickens and the stories and worlds that they have created. While it may feel like these books are overwhelming and a lot of work, sometimes knowing the context behind it all can make a world of difference. These books are the perfect way to understand what life was like in the Regency and Georgian periods, and just how Jane Austen came to be so very important all of these years later!

Book recommendations for Jane Austen fans

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Slower Reading, More Enjoyment

I’m still reading things slower than I would like, but I am consciously taking the time to enjoy every page I read. Life has been busy and with the holidays coming it is only getting busier, but I am determined to enjoy everything I do and that includes reading. I don’t know why I’m struggling to find books that intrigue me. Typically they jump out at me and slap me in brain until I read it. So, fewer books but more enjoyment! What pages have I been turning?  Continue reading

You Can Find Any Kind of Colouring Book

As my first post on colouring books indicated, I am a huge fan! I thought that the trend might die down quickly, given that it is rather a niche hobby. However, I am still seeing a proliferation of colouring books in any number of designs, topics, and themes. You can find them based on books and television shows and movies, of animals and landscapes, of mandalas and flowers, even of curse words and death. You can buy them in drugstores and bookstores and grocery stores and Amazon and Etsy. If there is a colouring book that you could imagine, it probably exists. And if it doesn’t, there’s probably someone willing to make it for you. There are two in particular that have been keeping me occupied as of late: Continue reading

A Wait for a Book Can Go One of Two Ways

These past few weeks have been a weird mix of memoirs, chick-lit, fiction, and Harry Potter. Normally I’m not so focused on classic literature, but Austen and Brontë feature more heavily than normal this month! I find that sometimes I end up finding similar books in a row, without meaning to at all. I do have to admit, I was just waiting for the Cursed Child to be released! So, what have I been reading as of lately?  Continue reading

Enjoying a Slower Reading Pace!

I am quite glad that I only set my goodreads goal to 52 books this year. It has allowed me to read at a slower pace; if I am not sure what I want to read, I can take a day or two to decide. If I don’t feel like reading because I want to blog or do yoga or watch a movie, I don’t feel guilty! As such, I only have three books to post about today, and I enjoyed taking my time with each one of them. Continue reading

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: How was it?

I must start this film review by saying that I very much enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies when I read it during university. I know a lot of people are not in favour of altering the classics in any way, but I appreciate the new spin!  Continue reading

I HAVE still been reading

It might not seem like it from the outside, but I have still been reading quite a bit! I passed my Goodreads challenge of 75 books this year (woohoo!) and have no plans on slowing down. I’m slowly moving into more non-fiction books again. I find summer is for fiction and fall is for non-fiction, at least in general for me! So, what have I been reading? Continue reading