Blogger Fitness Challenge, Summer 2017

The main aspect of blogging that I am still here for is the community. So, when I sat down and thought about the fact that my blogging might be cutting down on my exercise/ fitness time, I figured that there may be other bloggers who feel the same way. I could have simply written this down in a notebook but I figured that I would share this if anyone else is interested!

Fitness Challenge

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Style Saturday, June 25, 2016

And here we are with the third full week of my “shopping my wardobe challenge”! I slightly failed the no shopping thing (explanation below), but I’m still looking at new combinations that I had never thought of before! This week was quite rainy at the beginning- meaning that was a bit chillier and perhaps dresses/skirts all work weren’t quite an option. Last summer I was pretty bad for continually styling pants with regular ol’ t-shirts for a chilly office, so I’m proud that I’m not quite so boring anymore. Continue reading

Style Saturday- 11 June 2016

We are onto the second week of June, and the second week of my no shopping challenge. It has been getting a little tough, as my office is pretty cold. If it’s not at least 25°C outside, it’s definitely a pants-and-sweater-and-outfit-kind-of-day. The unfortunate thing is that I’m not really able to be creative with what I have. Fingers crossed it warms up in the office! To recap, here are the rules:

  1. I need to wear at least four unique outfits for the work week- meaning that an item may be repeated by the combination may not.
  2. I am allowed one repeat outfit per week (most likely Friday).
  3. If I go out on the weekend for something other than errands or the dog park, I need to include that outfit.
  4. If at all possible, I need to include a collage of outfits per week!
  5. I need to include my thoughts on why I wore what I wore that day.

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Style Saturday- 4 June 2016

Now that we are in a new month, I have decided to challenge myself! I am hoping to not buy any clothing in June- the two exceptions would be my outfit for Barre After Hours and another black bodysuit (if it turns out I can’t wear the red). I want to remind myself just how many different ways that I can wear all of the items I have without buying anything new! So, what are the rules?  Continue reading