Red and Green Wardrobe, Style File Friday

I genuinely love wearing red and green, they are my two favourite colours. (Red works well in the fall and winter, and green is pretty for the spring and summer.) Unfortunately, I rarely have an excuse during most of the year to wear the two of them together- although they are complimentary colours, the world can’t see past their Christmas associations to be okay with it. So, when the Christmas season roles around, I challenge myself to wear red, green, or both every day of the month, and I’ve got to say, I’m getting pretty creative with it!

Christmas Wardrobe

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My Favourite Holiday Books

From many of my blog interactions via comments, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, I think that many of you enjoy reading as much as I do. While I love watching holiday movies, I think I love curling up with a good holiday book even more- there is nothing like putting on comfy pyjamas, sitting in front of the fire with a good cup of tea, and getting lost in the pages for a few hours! Today I’m sharing my favourite holiday books for you to escape for a little bit and get wrapped up in (holiday pun INTENDED), there are both fiction and non-fiction options!

My FavouriteHoliday Books (1)

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Chocolate Christmas Trees, Make It Monday

I’m going to be 100% honest and admit that I spend far too much time on Pinterest and Instagram looking at Christmas-themed appetisers and desserts. (If you are going to go for a theme, you may as well entirely embrace it, right?) One of my general goals for 2018 is to up my game in the arena of cake and cookie decorating, but as for right now, I wanted to find a dessert that looks adorable but doesn’t take a whole lot of decorating skill- these mini Christmas trees caught my eye, as they are entirely perfect for my needs!

Chocolate Christmas Trees

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2018 Reading Challenge

Now that we are coming to the end of the year, and with it the end of my 2017 Goodreads challenge (and the Goodreads awards, go Lucy Worsley!), and I’ve been spending time analysing my 2017 reading. In addition to looking back at what I’ve been reading, I’ve also started planning what my 2018 reading year is going to look like, and I’ve got to say, I’m truly, truly excited for what I’m planning. This post is for all of the book nerds out there who spend as much time thinking about their reading as they do reading- my 2018 Reading Challenge!

2017 Reading Stats (1)

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The Magic of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Style File Friday

Ugly Christmas sweaters are everywhere. They are in upscale department stores, in dollar stores, book stores, and even in grocery stores; turn your head in a store in October, November, or December, and you will see them for miles. You can get sweaters that are familiar characters, lovable animals, crass idiots, and even just phrases. I’m all for embracing the ugly Christmas sweater trend, because I truly believe that they hold memories in their ugliness. Today I’m sharing just why I love some of the sweaters that I have!

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Blogmas 2017: It’s finally happening!! Well, if I’m being honest, it’s already rather started. Blogmas is the most wonderful time of year for bloggers like myself who happen to be entirely enthralled by Christmas- it’s a full month of posts to celebrate the holiday season! Because things will be a touch different in December, I thought that I would give a bit of an update and background info so you know what to expect! Happy Blogmas, everyone- it’s here!!

Blogmas 2017

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The 5 Best Holiday Movies

Today I’m sharing the 5 best holiday movies out there- I’ve seen pretty much every vaguely Christmas related movie out there (bar horror movies), from the big name block busters to the early morning Hallmark movies that are replayed when no one should be awake. Nothing is more relaxing to me than popping on a Christmas movie and spending a few hours getting lost in holiday cheesiness, and I hope that you can experience the same! Grab some hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies, put on the fire, and get ready to embrace the holidays…

5 Best Holiday Movies

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#24daysoftea (aka David’s Tea Advent Calendar)

I love Advent calendars. Even though I’m not particularly religious, they are one of my favourite parts of the holidays! Countdowns make everything more excited, and when you factor in that each day of the countdown means that you receive a tiny gift, it’s the best possible scenario here. Nowadays you can find chocolate Advent calendars, sock Advent calendars (if I was in the US, I would have that Harry Potter sock calendar from Target ASAP), beauty Advent calendars, short story Advent calendars, and everything in between. Well, obviously I was going to choose a tea related calendar- the David’s Tea Advent Calendar!

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6 Books to Give to Anyone, Blogmas 2017

I’m a firm believer that there is a book out there for everyone, no matter what their reading level and interests are! I think that books are a wonderful gift, and will make the recipient think of you every time they read it or look at it on their bookshelf. Today I’m sharing book recommendations that work for most people in your life- I’ve focused on books that are relatively easy to find, and relatively affordable. Hopefully this will make your holiday book shopping quick and painless (and maybe help you discover a new book yourself)!

6 Books to Giveto Anyone

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Pictures With Santa Paws

If you have a dog or a cat or a rabbit or even a pet rock, you probably like including them in the different areas of your life, and the holidays are no exception! I will admit to spending more than I probably should on Loki and Thor, but I can’t say no to those husky faces. So, of course we had to take them for Santa pictures! I won’t lie, I don’t really have any tips for coraling your pets because the wonderful people at Pet Valu keep them entertained, treated, and happy, but the hilarity and chaos of these three characters is the perfect mid-week pick-me-up!

Pictures With Santa Paws
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