History in the Making

History in the Making

Style Saturday- 1 October 2016

Style Saturday is starting to look different than when I first started it. When I first started this blog, I was very much trying to establish my wardrobe as a working adult, not a student, and I was purchasing a good amount of clothing. I also was totally out to lunch on make up, and didn’t really have much of a look at all. I have finally figured out how to do a basic and polished look for my face, and my wardrobe has come together fairly nicely. I feel that now I am at the point of polishing my wardrobe and look- here are my goals for the fall!
Gap + Pendleton Long Sleeve Shirtdress, The Gap
I am loving wearing my Black and Navy/Green Plaid shirtdresses that I bought at Smart Set way back when, and I knew that I wanted to pick up another one! I was hesitant when I saw that the Gap and Pendleton had done a collection together; 1) Pendleton has kind of stolen the HBC point blanket, so as a Canadian they aren’t necessarily my favourite brand in the world, and 2) Pendleton isn’t known for being affordable, exactly. Still, I did decide to actually check out the site, and I was really excited when I spotted this! There is also a red plaid version, I might end up with that one, but it looks like exactly what I am on the hunt for. Unfortunately, it is excluded from all Gap coupons, so I would end up paying the full $80 CAD plus taxes, but I don’t think that I would be disappointed by it. I’m looking to order it in the next few weeks. The rest of the collection is quite classic, also, but is on the expensive side- $208 poncho, anyone?
I need to up my shoe game at work- I typically wear moccasins at work, because my sore feet appreciate the comfort. However, I would like to dress my footwear up a little without going to regular flats. I love the look of loafers- the pair that I have linked are a simple, neutral pair that aren’t quite as boring as your typical flats and don’t break the bank. If you have any recommendations on a pair of loafers, please leave a comment below!
Mohair Blended Pop Top, Kate Spade
Being that I live in the frigid middle of the prairies where we routinely spend weeks below -30°C , I am constantly on the lookout for warm but chic accessories that actually stand up to cold weather! If a Kate Spade coupon should appear in my email, I would certainly order these. I like the pop top, as a lot of the time I have to get keys out of my pocket or put on/take off sunglasses when I am outside. I also love mohair- I think it is stylish without being overly expensive or using fur. (FYI, mohair is the hair of a goat- goats are not harmed in the collecting of mohair!) I adore the Kate Spade Bow Beanie that M bought for me last Christmas; these mittens would match perfectly! At this point, I’m just proud that I have resisted buying the On Pointe collection that Kate Spade has served up- though if there is another Christmas bow headband (for adults this time), it will be mine. 
Now comes the questions for you: what do you like to see in Style Saturday? Do you want me to continue with 2-3 items per week, or go with more styled outfit posts? Or something else entirely? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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