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Style File Friday Polls + Update

Happy Style File Friday everyone! Today, I’ve got some updates for you, some questions for you, and hopefully, a little brightness for your Friday.

I, like 98% of the planet at the moment, am working hard to get back into shape. It is going quite well, as I’m keeping up with exercising twice a day and I’ve cut out nearly all snacking. I’m also keeping up with staying hydrated, and after just under three weeks of increased water intake, my skin is really clearing up. While I am actually seeing changes in my physical shape, that does mean that my clothing is starting to fit slightly differently! Not to mean that I need to go and buy new clothing, but more that I may need to work a little harder at styling my clothing, and going through all of my closet to see what fits and what doesn’t. (I think it is a good annual habit for everyone, as both our shape and the shape of our clothing changes with time.)

Obviously, I am incredibly excited for my upcoming trip to the UK! It is less than a month until I leave now, and I am spending a lot of my time prepping, making plans, and getting everything ready. That includes building and assembling a quite particular packing list… I am planning on sharing some of that with you, but I also don’t want to bore you- we’ve all had friends that become obsessed with something, and I want to avoid that here!

Grey moto coat and wool scarf

Coming to my question for you, what would you prefer to see for the next few months on the blog? All three of these topics will appear in some measure, but I would like to know what my readers want to see here. The first option is my older favourites! I used to share two to three favourite items each week, which I loved doing but may make it more difficult for people to find if the item is particularly old. The second is more information on my travel wardrobe, including what I like to take and what I am currently still looking for. And the third is more style and fashion history! With sustainable fashion and retro trends both incredibly popular right now, I love delving into how fashion has arrived here at what we see today. So, please let me know in the poll what you want to see in the next few months!

2019 Style File Friday Options

  • Old Favourite Items - 3
  • Travel Wardrobe - 0
  • Style and Fashion History - 4

Thank you lovely readers, and if you have any other post requests, please let me know in the comments! 

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