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Planning Your Autumn Wardrobe, Style File Friday

Autumn seems a long way off in the middle of July but the retail landscape is anywhere from one to three months ahead of the rest of us! I love the colder weather of autumn and winter, and the clothing that accompanies it. However, to make the most of my wardrobe and the season, I start planning one to two months ahead what I plan on generally wearing for the season- it gives me the time I need to find or purchase anything I need, and time to clear out what I won’t be wearing! This post will help you highlight how to identify what you have for your autumn wardrobe, what you need, and what you can get rid of!
Planning Your Fall Wardrobe,Style Saturday

AW17 Palette
1. Choose Your Colour Palette
Choosing your main colours will help you form a colour palette and streamline your autumn wardrobe. I personally am not a capsule wardrobe-r, simply for the fact that I like having more choices than it allows and I do have some pieces that I wear less often for specific reasons. I wouldn’t get rid of a piece simply because it doesn’t fit in your colour palette, but simply keep it in mind when you are purchasing pieces throughout the season! It can be tempting to buy whatever top or skirt that happens to strike your fancy at that moment but then you may end up with a wardrobe that is disjointed and several pieces that only work in one outfit. Make your clothing work together, and do the work for you! This is my palette for AW17- I wear most of these colours year round but I’m excited to work in a small amount of tan, a new addition for me that will work well as an accent colour! These colours all work well together, and can be paired in any combination. Success!! (Yes, I will wear red and green.)
Kate Spade rosette sweater
Smart Set Grey ALine dress
2. Scout the Trends for Yourself
Spend some time online with your favourite style bloggers and with your magazines, and get a feeling for what the upcoming trends are. It’s easy to get swept up in something simply because everyone else has it, but it may not work for you, your lifestyle, or your wardrobe. I tend towards very classic pieces so I can spend months and even years hunting for a piece because while it is a classic it’s not trendy at that particular time! Right now, crop tops are still quite popular. This is unfortunate for me because they are not appropriate at my place of work and they proportionally make me look AWFUL. So, take the time to look at what’s coming out and what actually suits you!
RW&Co Animal Print Blouse
3. Know Your Budget
It is crucial to know what your budget is, and to stick to it! There is no point looking to see how much that Gucci sailor coat is if your entire budget for the season is $250. Look at your overall budget and your wardrobe and decide what your clothing budget for the season is! Mine ranges- it’s been anywhere from $100-$400, depending on how much work I needed to do. Typically mine hits around the $200 mark, allowing for 2-3 pieces. Find out which stores and sites suit your budget and work with them; waiting and hoping for an item to go on sale is often a game that results in you getting the piece when the season may very well be older or a piece that isn’t exactly what you want. Also, you don’t need to spend your entire budget- it’s not a challenge!
J Crew Herringbone Vest
4. Think Long Term
Remember to think long term with your purchases. While it’s certainly fun to buy a trendy piece here and there, you don’t want to have to continually re-buy your wardrobe from year to year! I wear many of my pieces for two to four seasons a year, and it really cuts down on purchases. Sure, you may love that mini-dress right now but in a year you may be working in an office and that doesn’t meet your dress code! Think about what may be happening in your life in the next while, and plan accordingly. If you care for your clothing, you should be able to get three to four seasons worth of wear out of them- make the most of your clothing and shop smart!
Is there anything that you are looking for for your autumn wardrobe? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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4 thoughts on “Planning Your Autumn Wardrobe, Style File Friday”

  • I do my compulsive de-cluttering in the summer. It’s really the only season we have the diverges from the cold and colder weather the is the rest of the year. I pull all the sweaters that no longer have any shape or are horribly pilled. That sort of thing. But I avoid stocking up at that time. Yes the clothes are in the store but they are at premium price. By waiting until late September/early October I can get huge deals in my fave stores.

    • I don’t have much luck waiting for sales- I find it very difficult to find what I want in my size! Also, because I operate on a “One out, one in” policy for my wardrobe, I don’t have a ton of change over- I’d rather pay full price for something I know I love than half price for something that I bought just because. However, I am bizarrely specific with my clothing- ie. a royal blue blazer with 3/4 sleeves and a printed lining in a natural fibre. That kind of shopping doesn’t lend itself well to sales, unfortunately!

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