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Fraternity Friday- Back to normal

As 85th was two weeks ago, Junior Circle is still slowly recovering from the months-long period of insanity! And I have to say, we are doing fairly well.
Three days after 85th, we had a Hocus Pocus movie night! It is clearly a fantastic movie, and it was lovely to just be, instead of having a to-do list 5k long. We need more relaxing events like this!

We have several events coming up. We do a monthly brunch, which I’m always weirdly excited for. It usually is lunch for me (I’m up by 7 at the latest), which allows me to eat a full meal. The restaurant we go to has a cute little pond beside it- it actually reminds me of Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park a touch.

We are putting together shoeboxes as we can for the Shoebox Project! You collect toiletries and cosmetics and gift cards and small treats, and fill a shoebox with approximately $50 worth of goods, wrap it (in a way so the box can be opened and checked), and then leave it at one of the drop-off locations! The boxes are given to women in shelters who might never receive a holiday gift otherwise. Quite often, gifts are given to children in shelters, but their moms and caregivers are just as important! And any extra boxes are flown up North, for women in need there. I love that we can give back to women, and there is no minimum requirement for boxes- if you can manage making one, or making ten, they are all appreciated the same. If you live in Canada or the US, I would recommend taking part! Junior Circle is having an Elf movie night while we assemble the boxes, which is always an option if you want to donate 🙂

We are also hosting an Alumnae Ugly Sweater Party this year! Sometimes it is joint with the collegians, sometimes it isn’t. We decided to do a separate party this year to focus on alumnae relationships. Events are different when it is collegians and alumnae, and we decided to try and capitalise on the energy from 85th! (Between 85th and Initiation/Feast of Roses, we will be a-okay for collegian interaction.) I love Ugly Sweater Parties- they are quite en vogue right now, but that is okay! The more, the merrier.

We are also doing a Secret Santa-Squirrel exchange, which I am super excited for! A $25 limit is perfect for these sorts of things, and gives you a lot of flexibility. I am also going to make all of the members of Junior Circle a little ornament! Hopefully in the last two weekends of November. I will have pics of those up as soon as I’m done!

Do you have any holiday traditions? Does your alumnae group do anything special?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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