4 TED Talks on Style, Style File Friday

I think that most of us know about TED talks, and have seen at least a handful of them shared on in Facebook and Pinterest newsfeeds. However, I don’t normally go out of my way to look for TED talks on a particular topic- they are quite interesting but are shorter than I usually prefer (5-15 minutes), and tend to only be tangentially related to the topic I am actually interested in. In spite of this, I have found myself falling down TED talk holes lately, largely in the area of style. These are my favourite style related TED talks, perfect to inform you on the logic behind fashion and style, the logistics of style, and the reaches and implications of the style industry. Because they are quite short, they are the perfect way to stay informed about your wardrobe and grab a lesson from a master!

4 Ted Talks on Style and Fashion

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Snapshot- 20 June 2018

For anyone who has been following the blog in the last 5ish months, you will know that I’ve been working on Pinterest. While I’m not skyrocketing, I am seeing growth, and I’m pretty happy with it! So, I’ve now moved to working on… Continue reading

The Downsides of Blogging (Plus a few updates)

I think that most bloggers, whether hobbyist, professional, or somewhere in the middle, will all love different things about blogging- some love the community, some love having an outlet, some love the extra income if they have it (who wouldn’t?), and countless other aspects. However, what a lot of bloggers won’t actually discuss is the downsides of blogging, and they exist for all of us. If you are committed to growth, there is no way around it- a blog is a commitment like anything else, and there are aspects of it that can make it difficult and draining. I hope that this post can shed some light for the non-bloggers out there and offer some comfort and camaraderie to the bloggers out there, a nod to what actually makes blogging difficult!

The Downsides of Blogging

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3 Ways to Break a Reading Slump

I think that I can speak for a lot of readers when I say that when we love reading, weΒ love reading.Β We can get lost for hours, taking in page after page and forgetting that the rest of the world is there. This is wonderful until you suddenly reach a point where you just don’t feel like reading. And then it feels weird. Sometimes it’s due to stress, sometimes a new routine, sometimes simply a run of uninteresting books. In any case, although it might take a while, you can break your reading slump and get back to your lovely reading routine! These are my tried and true tips to find yourself lost in a book again…

3 Ways to Break a Reading Slump

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Tips for Buying a Blazer, Style File Friday

For those of you who read the blog, you will be familiar with my theory that if you aren’t willing to pay full price for something, you probably don’t want it that much. (Unless you are constantly striving for luxury items, that’s a different question…) Well, I had been thinking on and considering a new black blazer from Vero Moda for three months now as I love my navy blazer but end up staring at it thinking “a black one would work better right now”. My green 3/4 blazer from Vero Moda is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, so there is a trust with the brand, and at only $60 CAD, the Jana Blazer from Vero Moda is my new favourite piece!

Vero Moda Jana Blazer (1)


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Doors Open Winnipeg: Manitoba Legislative Building

Here in Winnipeg, we have one weekend once a year (the last weekend in May) where museums, historical sites, homes, churches, and countless other buildings and sites open their doors to the public for free and let us experience this wonderful city of ours. It is a fantastic way to see buildings that you might not otherwise be able to see, and gives you a great excuse to get out and about. One of my friends who also loves history was willing to put up with me for the day, so we first headed to the Manitoba Legislative Building!

Doors Open Winnipeg

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Why You Should Get Involved With Your Community

I think that there are certain times in your life when it is easier to get involved in your community than others; when you are a student, there are countless student groups offering you free food and goodies to join, and when you are a parent, by the nature of most activities you have a quasi-group of parents who have to attend and volunteer at the same things that you do. However, many of us don’t fall into either of those groups, and I think that that is the best time to get involved and make a difference! And yes, it benefits your community, but it also benefits you…

The Benefits of Volunteering

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