Tips for Buying a Blazer, Style File Friday

For those of you who read the blog, you will be familiar with my theory that if you aren’t willing to pay full price for something, you probably don’t want it that much. (Unless you are constantly striving for luxury items, that’s a different question…) Well, I had been thinking on and considering a new black blazer from Vero Moda for three months now as I love my navy blazer but end up staring at it thinking “a black one would work better right now”. My green 3/4 blazer from Vero Moda is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, so there is a trust with the brand, and at only $60 CAD, the Jana Blazer from Vero Moda is my new favourite piece!

Vero Moda Jana Blazer (1)


Vero Moda is a basics brand that is sold world-wide- in Canada, you can purchase it at Hudson’s Bay. The Bay is one of my favourite stores but it can be a slightly overwhelming experience, as you can see a $300 blouse and a $30 blouse side by side- you have to know what you are looking for! When I first spotted the Jana Blazer, I tried it on but then decided against it because it didn’t fit into my clothing budget for the quarter. However, after checking the website on an almost weekly basis and looking at it every time I went to the Bay for 3 months made me realise that it wasn’t a passing whim.

Blazer Smart Casual

Part of the reason why I love my green Vero Moda blazer is because it’s warm when I need it to be but still breathes so I don’t get too hot- it’s a year round piece of clothing, and in a country where we have a difference of 70°C, that’s an accomplishment. The black Jana jersey is made of the same fabric, which is what drew me to it in the first place! Another perk of a jersey blazer? You can wash it yourself! The need for dry cleaning stops me from buying a lot of blazers because I try to avoid any dry clean only pieces that touch my skin directly. (I’m going to plug my laundry tips here– caring for your clothing properly will prolong it’s life, as evidenced by my green blazer purchased in 2012 that is still going strong.)

Black Vero Moda Jana Blazer

Tips for Buying a Blazer 

1. Check the Fabric– Whatever your reasons are, don’t compromise on fabric! If you want a linen blazer because you live in Florida and it’s a billion degrees, don’t end up with polyester because you settled. Also, keep in mind what seasons you will be wearing it in and what your weather/climate (and work climate) are like!

2. Know What Your Cut Is– Everyone has different cuts that suit them differently, especially when it comes to blazers. A lot of people gravitate towards flow-y, loose blazers, but they can often end up emphasising things you want to minimise. (They aren’t usually my go-to, as they don’t flatter me.) When you are out, try on as many different styles and cuts of blazers as possible, and see what works for you!

3. Pay Attention to Colour–  As much fun as it is to have colours in your wardrobe (once again, emerald green blazer), I would recommend buying a blazer in a neutral colour unless you are using it to balance out neutrals. I adore my green blazer, but I have a lot of black, grey, and neutral layering pieces, and my neutral blazers get as much or more use. Don’t get caught up in a sale or love at first site only to end up with a coloured blazer that doesn’t work in your wardrobe!

4. Make Sure It Is Comfortable– I find that blazers often step up your style, and finish a look. They can also be uncomfortable in the arms and shoulders if they don’t fit properly. You may look like a lunatic like I do, but when you purchase a blazer, move your arms and shoulders in literally every direction possible. I’ve not done that, and then realised when I have to move some boxes at work that my blazer does not in fact fit. (If it doesn’t fit, it’s not you- it’s the blazer, and there are always more 🙂 )

Vero Moda Black Blazer

Are you for or against blazers? What is your dream blazer?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian
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One thought on “Tips for Buying a Blazer, Style File Friday

  1. amelia June 21, 2018 / 6:11 am

    I NEED that navy blazer/nautical stripe convo in my life right now. Used to be a go-to for me but I lost 20kg and now have n clothes that fit, d’oh!


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