Kate Spade Floral 2018-19 Planner Review

I am back again with one of my favourite annual posts- my new Kate Spade planner review! While I am slowly moving away from Kate Spade style wise, I still adore their planners and think that they are some of the most all-around useful and cute planners on the market right now. This is a basic planner that doesn’t have detailed sections but that makes it a good planner for the majority of people- major areas of life that need planning are included, but nothing is overwhelming. I also think this is just a beautiful planner!

Kate Spade 2019 Floral Planner Review

In terms of planners, I find that the Kate Spade planners are mid-range, price-wise. The medium sized planner (this size) is $34.00 CAD, and the large sized planner is $42.00 CAD- while you can purchase a plain planner for $10-15, any sort of cute or fashionable planner will cost more, anywhere from $20-100 CAD. (The “mega” size is $48.00 CAD- while it gives you a lot of space to write, it’s also quite heavy and bulky to carry with you.) As a Canadian, the easiest place for me to purchase it from is Chapters, but you can also purchase them from Lifeguard Press and usually the Kate Spade New York website itself.

Kate Spade 2019 Planner Stickers 1

I personally use a bullet journal for my day to day tasks (because I make far more lists than any regular planner would have), so this is a good planner to balance my appointments and events (both short term and long term). I know that some people get very particular with their planners, wanting customised vertical or horizontal layouts, with hourly or even 15 minute increments in a day, but a lot of people find that overwhelming and not necessary. This planner is for the regular planner, who doesn’t need anything in a high amount of detail. 

The Basics 

-7 3/4 inches by 6 inches (I would say it fits in most medium and large sized purses)
-1.04 lbs (not overly heavy- if you do end up purchasing one of the larger sizes, be aware that they can get quite heavy, in particular the “mega” sized planner)

Kate Spade 2019 Planner date pages

What’s Included?

-13 month planner- August 2018 through August 2019
This is a change- typically their planners run August year 1 through December year 2 for a full 18 months. While I imagine some people may complain about the loss of months, if you are like me and buy a new one each spring/summer, you don’t use those last months anyways and are just carrying them around.
-15 pages for notes, as well as two pages for notes per month
I appreciate the ample amount of space for notes, as sometimes the need for a list or a note will strike you when you don’t have a spare piece of paper!
-definition monthly dividers
Each month’s divider features a fun word and definition, which is a nice change from the “thing to do this month” dividers from the 2018 planners.
-two sheets of gold foil stickers
There is usually only one sheet, if any, so including a sheet of three alphabets worth of stickers is a nice bonus!
-customisable charm ring and spade charm
This is cute but also awkward- the spade tends to fall to the gap between the covers on top of the pages, so you don’t see it much. Kate Spade does sell charms on their site, but I can’t say I would go out of my way to purchase one for this. 

Kate Spade 2019 Planner monthly word definition

The Design 

I love this watercolour floral design, I think it’s possibly one of the more beautiful designs that they have offered in the last five years. Sometimes they go with quirky/preppy (the stripes or polka dots), sometimes they go with witty (Fashionably Late), but they don’t seem to go with purely pretty as often. It’s quite abstract, which is what I love about this print! There are several designs against this year- metallic giraffe print, polka dots, a fashion print, and a list-like print. Not all prints are available in all three sizes, but you do have a good amount of choice. As I said above, they have now introduced a customisable charm, on some designs. It’s cute but I also wouldn’t purchase it specifically for it- it doesn’t change too much for me.

Kate Spade floral cover

Overall Impression 

This is a light and functional planner that is still stylish as well as functional. It hits the middle price point on agendas and planner and includes all of the regular features that are common to most planners. It maintains that fun Kate Spade style that we have all become familiar with, and it’s quite easy to actually purchase across several countries. All in all, this is a fantastic entry-level planner, and I would recommend it if you are trying to be more organised in your own life but don’t know where to start!

What kind of planner are you currently using? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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4 thoughts on “Kate Spade Floral 2018-19 Planner Review

  1. Rasya May 20, 2018 / 2:58 am

    The planner looks cute! Mine is based on a character called Gudetama; a cute kawaii egg that is going to rule the world. LOL.


    • anhistorianabouttown May 20, 2018 / 7:19 am

      There are so many options for kawaii style planners!! And they are so creative in their illustrations and accessories!


  2. lifeinkarolingston May 20, 2018 / 4:06 am

    I love planners, so I ve enjoyed reading! 😊 I’m using planner with baking recipes 🙂


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