Clinique Pretty Treats Set Review, Style File Friday 

Clinique is my go-to skincare and make up company- I have sensitive skin that will break out on the spot if it doesn’t like what I put on it. I was first introduced by a friend who let me try her Moisture Surge, and I was hooked! I also love their make up, as it is fairly understated and suits my natural make up well. The universe knows timing- right before my Moisture Surge ran out, the Bay called my mom to let her know that there would be a gift with purchase. I love their small sets, because it is a great way to find new products/colours, and to get travel and purse sized products. This Pretty Treats set is no exception, and it is one of their better collections!

For these gifts with purchase, the bags are designed by Marimekko, a Scandinavian design company with fun and bold patterns! You were able to choose your bag from two designs, a Marimekko mirror or pouch, and one of two sets. I went with the mirror as I have many small pouches already and I keep realizing that having a mirror handy would be useful. (I have to say, Clinique gift with purchase bags are some of my favourite make up bags- they are a lot of fun, and very durable!)

The Pretty Treats collection has five skincare and make up items: Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser, Moisture Surge Supercharged Concentrate, Chubby Cheek in Amp’d Up Apple, Chubby Lip in Super Strawberry, and High Impact Mascara! I haven’t tried the Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser in quite some time, so I am very excited to give it a shot again. Their Cleanse the Day balm is fantastic, so I have high hopes for the cleanser- although I don’t use the whole skincare line like a lot of peoplr, I’ve got to admit that their cleansing products are worth the higher price tag! The Supercharged Concentrate is also one of my favourite Clinique products. The building I work in is incredibly dry, and I carry this in my purse to target specific dry spots during the day. You can also use it as a whole face moisturiser if you need an extra boost (though it might get expensive to do that on a regular basis….).

The Chubby Cheek, Chubby Lip, and Mascara are the perfect spring look! I love using pinks in my make up, so the only thing I like about spring is my ability to finally be “on trend” make up wise with light make up. I would say that along with the Moisture Surge, Clinique’s Chubby Lip is one of their best products for me- they offer three levels of coverage and several colours to choose from. They are cheaper than a lot of lipstick options out there, and have cute and sleek packaging! (I like that you can actually see the colour through the tube, that doesn’t seem common nowadays.) I’ve not used the Chubby Cheek before, but my quick test is showing that I like it as much as the lip version! The mascara isn’t an amazing product  (my favourite mascara is a $4 Covergirl) but it is good quality and the small tube will last me months without drying out. The full size tube also isn’t cripplingly expensive, which seems to be the norm when I walk through Sephora.

All in all, I think that gifts with purchase are great ways to top up on products that you love, and a good way to discover new products and brands. However, I wouldn’t necessarily specifically buy a product only to get the gift with purchase, as they aren’t worth the $95 value promised. If you have a brand that you love, I would recommend connecting with your local counter to be in the know for specials like this!

What is your go-to skincare and make up brands?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian
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8 thoughts on “Clinique Pretty Treats Set Review, Style File Friday 

  1. rachaelstray March 23, 2018 / 4:27 am

    My husband uses a lot of their skincare range for men and often when I’ve bought him stuff for Christmas I’ve bagged myself a free gift and the products inside (as well as the lovely makeupbag) are really lovely. I might have to invest in more of their skincare for me though as it really is quite lovely! Once the mini versions run out I think I will.


  2. englishwithkirsty March 23, 2018 / 4:33 am

    Gift with purchase offers make me happy, though you’re right, it only works if you were planning to buy something in the first place – otherwise you can end up spending loads of money! I’ve just bought one of those chubby cheek sticks. I also have the highlighter and contour stick from the same range. I haven’t tried much skincare from the range yet though.


  3. lifeinkarolingston March 23, 2018 / 6:13 am

    I do like clinique skin care products. However for face moisturising my favourite is No 7 Day and night creams.


  4. HistorianRuby (Ruth) March 23, 2018 / 8:01 am

    I treated myself to a Clinique Smart moisturiser earlier this month. It was £48 a pot or £49 with the mini serum and small size Smart Night Moisturiser in a boxed set with a make up bag included. You can guess which one I bought! I’d asked for a couple of samples from the assistant the day before and tried them overnight before going back to the shop. I’m really enjoying using quality moisturiser again – I’d switched to Olay out of convenience but was starting to see differences in my skin. I was given a free (sample – but decent sized) Chubby foundation stick at the counter, too and my husband was also given a sample moisturiser from the men’s section. Sometimes it does pay to befriend the assistant.


  5. tahenryauthoress March 23, 2018 / 10:11 am

    I used to love Clinique in my twenties. Now I’ve had to move on a bit. As I aged my skin, hormones, life style all changed. This of course changed how the Clinique products interacted with me. Oh well. Live and evolve.


  6. J | thenellybean March 23, 2018 / 3:56 pm

    Ahh I love those clinique chubby sticks, not sure what it is but the notion of a massive crayon being part of my makeup routine just seems like so much fun. Maybe I’m just a child in a adult body haha xx


  7. Steph March 24, 2018 / 5:21 am

    I’m excited to try the Chubby Cheek, I’ve always preferred cream or liquid blushes! I’ve not tried the Moisture Surge Concentrate before, will have to keep an eye out. I’ve always used Dramatically Different and I’ve been pretty loyal to it, but something to carry around in my handbag for those odd little dry patches would be great, especially in Winter x


    • anhistorianabouttown March 24, 2018 / 7:12 am

      The Dramatically Different lotion is a little too heavy for me- I find the regular Moisture Surge is lighter, and the concentrate is suuuuuper hydrating. The tube is the perfect on the go size! And I will admit to liking blush in any form haha- a light sweep of blush and I am ready for the day 😊


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