How to Find and Utlise Your Style Icon, Style File Friday

Last week, we started out my new series by looking at how to identify your style basics in your wardrobe- they will be the building blocks of your style. While you are gathering info, today we are looking forward! We all have those style icons that we admire and daydream about when we are shopping, styling, and Pinteresting. It’s easy to get lost in the wonder of someone else’s wardrobe when you don’t have to worry about cost or care, and quite frankly, it’s really not a bad way to spend a few hours. Some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe were inspired by one of my style icons. This guide will help you recognise who your style icons are and how you can pull elements from their wardrobe to fit yours!

How to Find and Use Your Style Icon

Recognise Your Style Icons

I personally classify a style icon as someone you identify with, and that you can pull different elements or themes from their wardrobe into your own. Although I can certainly appreciate different styles and wardrobes, if I can’t see them fitting into my own sense of style in some way, it is more akin to admiring art! Spend some time on Pinterest, Instagram, in magazines, on blogs, Youtube, wherever you want, and take note of who you gravitate towards. Some of your style icons might last for years or even all of your life, and some might come and go, there is no right or wrong here.  I personally have admired the Duchess of Cambridge for most of my adult life (before the engagement, that seems so long ago!), and recently Sarah Vickers.

Style Icon Duchess of Camrbidge

What Elements Are You Drawn To? 

Once you have some idea of whose style you enjoy and admire, it’s time to spend some time with them- pull up as many different looks as you can, and think on what it is you love about their style. Do they wear a brand that you love? Does their style embody a lifestyle that you want? Is it a particular pattern or colour or shape? Realistically, most of us can’t directly copy someone’s wardrobe and not look like we are playing a role. Many people out there attempt to repli-Kate the Duchess of Cambridge’s entire wardrobe exactly, but I think that it looks a little odd. If I tried to dress exactly like her, it wouldn’t work- I have a different colouring, I’m about a foot shorter than she is, and I have a different body shape. So, what is it that I love about her style? Her pieces don’t look dated, she is always coordinated and put together, and it is always streamlined, never bulky. Once you can pinpoint what exactly it is that love about your style icons, you can better decide how to make it work for you!


Make It Work for YOU

This step honestly takes me a while, and can take quite a bit of playing around. If you have a busy life and small children and are always on the go, wearing delicate fabrics that can only be dry cleaned doesn’t work. If it’s a specific shape you like, look for fabrics that suit your lifestyle. Do you really love their use of patterns? Perhaps you can buy it in a silhouette that you already know works for you. Does their style embody a lifestyle that you wish you had? Find pieces and elements that fit into the lifestyle you currently have, as new clothes aren’t typically accompanied by an entirely new life. Try new things and be as creative as you can, but also be discerning- don’t buy something simply because they wore it! Be realistic about who you are and what your life is, and make it your own.  I love the day dresses that the DoC wears to many of her engagements, but I don’t love having day to day clothing dry cleaned, so I find pieces in fibres and fabrics that I can clean myself.

How to Identify Your Style Icon

Do You Already Own Something Similar That Feels Like You?

The other main question that I like to ask myself is, do I already have something that could achieve a similar look? I don’t mean, can I duplicate this outfit head to toe? What I really mean is, can I create a similar ensemble that has the same feeling but still feels like me? Even though I truly believe that style icons can help us hone and fine-tune our wardrobe to the point where we love it, I also believe that we are all our own person and the point is not to simply copy another person. It is really easy to simply duplicate someone else’s outfit, as that usually takes less thought (particularly if it’s a blogger that has linked everything in one place), but in the long run, taking the time to find a piece that fits into your wardrobe and your personality will pay off in the long run. And if it is something you already love, you may very well own a piece that fits your criteria if you look with an open mind!

We all have different people that we admire for a variety of reasons, and style icons are no different. With a little thought and evaluation, you can certainly invoke your icon without directly copying their wardrobe (and breaking the bank)!

Who are your style icons and where do you see them in your wardrobe? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian

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19 thoughts on “How to Find and Utlise Your Style Icon, Style File Friday

  1. tahenryauthoress February 2, 2018 / 10:34 am

    I just finished reading the Curated Closet on your recommendation. I am in the 2 weeks take a picture of yourself everyday phase. But I have some definite ideas about who my icon(s) might be. I think looking at two weeks of outfits should really help.
    I’d love to think I’m Jackie O but realistically, that is so not happening. LOL


    • anhistorianabouttown February 4, 2018 / 9:16 am

      The Curated Closet is such a useful exercise!! I think that everyone needs to go through the steps on regular basis- every two to three years. It might be quicker through some years than others but it is so handy! Jackie O’s style is gorgeous and so elegant, but I think it’s a harder look to bring into 2018. It makes me sad that we’ve lost the structure and textures of the 50s and 60s!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • tahenryauthoress February 4, 2018 / 9:20 am

        She is always hit me as simple and streamlined. The right touches without being over the top.
        But I end up simple and streamlined. No touches. LOL


    • ascholarlyskater February 2, 2018 / 3:19 pm

      I meant to write more, but I hit send too fast.
      I love your posts on this subject, but I’m very new to this whole consciously planning your wardrobe thing. I’m definitely unaware where it comes to my personal style or style icons or anything like that.

      Liked by 1 person

      • anhistorianabouttown February 2, 2018 / 3:57 pm

        Oh my word, thank you so much!! I’m glad that they are opening up the subject 🙂 I love learning and engaging with style, but it can even be overwhelming for me at times, which is why I wanted to break it down into manageable chunks!! I’m happy to help any way you would like- I can’t promise to be the most up to date on trends, but I can certainly help decode the basics and figure out what works and what you like!

        Liked by 1 person

        • ascholarlyskater February 3, 2018 / 8:44 pm

          Thank you, You’re so kind to offer your guidance. 🙂

          I tend to wear the same kinds of clothes over and over again, and usually without much thought. I wouldn’t say I look bad necessarily, but it definitely feels stale, and I know I could look more interesting. I want a fresh look and feel but also one that feels like me, and I’m not sure how to do that.


          • anhistorianabouttown February 5, 2018 / 1:04 pm

            I much prefer updating one’s current style rather than getting rid of everything and starting from scratch, a near impossible task. I would say pick one “thing” that might be different and try it- maybe try a new pattern or a different cut of pant! A small change like that could give you a whole new look, and it still gives you the comfort of familiarity 😊

            Liked by 1 person

          • ascholarlyskater February 6, 2018 / 2:24 pm

            I love this idea! Thank you so much. I’ll keep you posted about how it’s going, and I can’t wait to read your next installment. 🙂


  2. Blush and Brews February 21, 2018 / 9:21 pm

    Love this. Taylor Swift is a style icon of mine, and I always have such a hard time getting to that look!


    • anhistorianabouttown February 24, 2018 / 6:34 am

      It can feel impossible, especially when they have multiple stylists pulling together these “effortless” ensembles that seem everyday for them but would completely be out of place in our average person daily lives! Breaking it down into elements goes a long way!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue February 22, 2018 / 2:20 pm

    I lost 50 pounds and decided to build a French minimalist capsule wardrobe to celebrate the new me who is still in transition needing to lose more still. In that process I discovered Fanny Ardant. She’s my new fashion icon.


    • anhistorianabouttown February 24, 2018 / 6:38 am

      That is a fantastic way to transition your closet- a capsule wardrobe is the most efficient way to dress!! And Fanny has such an effortless way of exuding grace, I think we can all learn from her!! (I think it’s the neck scarves…)


  4. Bagwhispers March 4, 2018 / 11:35 am

    Hey there! If you need any help with the handbag wardrobe, pop by to as I provide optical advice on how to shop for all types of bags and how to weather the trends.


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