Fossil Emma Satchel Review, Style File Friday

As I mentioned in An Intro to Buying Designer on eBay post, I recently purchased a new handbag for myself- the Fossil Emma Satchel. The other two main purses that I was using were given to me in a different time, and I wanted something free from memories. I had been looking at the Fossil Emma and Sydney satchels for 3-4 months, and it seemed like the perfect time to take a leap. Today I will be reviewing the Emma Satchel and sharing my thoughts on it with you- so far, I’m incredibly impressed with it!

Fossil Emma Satchel Review

A lot of people discount Fossil, but I think that it’s a great brand- it’s an affordable brand (it’s debatable whether or not it’s classified as a luxury brand, if it is, it’s entry level), they have a huge variety of models and styles, and they are fairly easy to locate in both Canada and the US. (It looks to have a large online presence in the UK, also!) I typically stick with adaptable bags that I can wear with the majority of my wardrobe rather than statement bags that only work with a few specific outfits. While Fossil does have a number of statement bags, they offer all of the their models in standard black/ tan/ chestnut/ brown to give you the most options. This is the Emma Satchel in Tan

Fossil Emma Satchel Front View

Official Description From Fossil 

“(It’s easy to) be prepared thanks to Emma’s structured silhouette and extra storage pockets when – and where – they’re needed most. Whether you’re hitting the town or the trails, carry your (survival) essentials with ease in our smooth glazed leather satchel. (Bonus: it features adjustable straps for easy access and transport.)”

Fossil Emma Satchel Side view


This is an update to the Sydney satchel from Fossil- it is a more structured bag as the zipper doesn’t extend as far down the sides of the bag, and is roughly the same size (the only difference is the Emma is approximately 1cm shorter in length). There is one zippered pocket on the back interior wall, and two slide pockets on the interior front wall. (My Samsung S7 fits comfortably, I don’t know if a plus sized phone would fit.) It is made of a soft genuine leather, features two top handles and a cross-body strap, and old English brass hardware, including a Fossil key charm.

Size: 25.4cm (L) x 13.97cm (W) x 20.96cm (H)

Fossil Emma Satchel Pocket Details

First Impressions 

The bag feels good in your hand- the leather is supple and soft, and the straps are rounded enough to feel comfortable when carried by the top handles. The zipper is incredibly smooth and fluid, and the stitching is tight and solid. The leather does pick up minor scratches, but shoe polish should take care of those easily. (I also like the weathered look for every day bags, so I’m not terribly upset.) It can fit everything that I normally carry with me without feeling overly heavy, which includes: wallet, coin purse, keys + lanyard, phone charger, headphones, Lanisoh/lip balm, hand sanitiser, sunglasses, pens, Kleenex, and Advil. (I don’t travel light…) I’ve received several compliments on it, and I’m loving it so far!

Fossil Emma Satchel top interior view

Where to Buy 

I was able to get a great deal on this on eBay, but you can find this at The Bay in Canada! I think that this is being phased out and is being replaced by the Fiona satchel, but if you are set on the Emma, there are still many on eBay and other resale sites, many that are NWT (new with tags). If you do decide to go with a site like eBay, familarise yourself with the bag, including shape, stitching, logos/stamps, colours, and anything else that can set it aside from a fake. (That goes for anything on a resale/auction site.) When you are looking at purchasing a handbag, spend a little bit of time deciding if it’s that specific model that you want, or that shape- you may be able to save money and find more options if you are flexible. However, if you are set on a model, I would recommend doing what you can to get it. (I usually am not set on things, but I’ve seen people driven crazy trying to make other versions “fit”.)

Fossil Emma Satchel stamped detail

Pros and Cons 

To summarise and make this easy, here are the succinct pros and cons!

-Genuine leather handbag from a reputable company that I trust.
-A versatile colour that translates across my entire wardrobe.
-Solid construction and durable materials used.
-Spacious but not heavy.
-Excellent price point (retails full price at $225+ taxes CAD; can be found on eBay for ~ $130 plus shipping CAD).

-Minor scratches.

Fossil Old English Key

Although it’s only been a week and a half, so far this is the perfect purse for me. It makes me happy to know that I purchased it for myself, and it has no memories attached to it. I know from the other Fossil pieces that I own that it will last me for years, and I have a new purse that checks all of the boxes I have.

What is your ideal handbag? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian
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2 thoughts on “Fossil Emma Satchel Review, Style File Friday

  1. Marguerite Pavloff March 28, 2018 / 8:58 am

    The bag pictured in your review is brown- the tan emma satchel is much lighter in color.

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