A Guide to Binging Your Favourite Shows

The world has become fixated on Netflix- Orange is the New BlackHouse of Cards, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt have all become regular fixtures in the year when people hide themselves away and disappear from the world to immediately absorb any new (or old show) that they want to see. Although I am as much of a fan of binging as the next person, I think that there are ways to enjoy the show and stay present in the world around you- you don’t have to disappear into your couch for 24 hours straight! This is my guide on the healthy way to binge your favourite shows…

A Guide to Binging YourFavourite Shows

A lot of people will find any excuse to hide at home on their couch and not emerge until absolutely necessary. Yes, there are people who suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues when leaving the house is a difficult and hard to tackle mountain much of the time, and this is not directed at them in any way. However, there are also a lot of us (I’m including myself in this) that just wallow in the laziness. I’m not saying that an occasional day of lazing about isn’t a good thing, but most of embrace this far too often! This is how I’ve been able to balance a healthy lifestyle with the rise and popularity of binging!

1. Healthy Snacks 

Now, when I had my friends over to watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, I definitely stocked up on more chips, popcorn, and candy than I have ever seen in my life. When it’s a Gilmore evening, you have to embrace the junk food. However, I did also ensure that there was a healthier, baked pizza, and salad to balance out the torrent of junk food. If you do not move for an entire weekend AND you proceed to stuff yourself full of only processed chemicals and fats, you are probably going to come out more than a little worse for wear. While I full embrace the lazy day philosophy, you never want to come out worse than when you started; otherwise, you have negated the whole purpose of recharging yourself. Use it as an excuse to buy those berries that are super expensive, or that mango that you always put back on the shelf!

Fruits and Veggies.jpg

2. Set Alarms for Breaks

Make a pact with yourself (or whomever happens to be watching with you) to get up in between each episode, or at least every two. You might feel like you are comfortable sprawled out on the couch, but I can guarantee that after slouching for twelve hours on a couch, you will definitely be feeling the pain the next day. (Welcome to adulthood, where you will almost always find yourself more sore than when you started…) If you can’t figure out how long an episode is, just estimate and set yourself an alarm on your phone- that show will still be there in ten or fifteen minutes, and some potential movement and fresh air will do you some good. A great way to get yourself up is ordering food and walking to go and pick it up! (Eating whole meals instead of continual snacking also helps, as you have to get up every so often to make said meal.) If nothing else, take the hint from Netflix when it asks if you really still watching!

Phone Alarms

3. Change Your Clothing 

Even though you are planning on vegging out all day, actually change your clothing and get of your pajamas! I wouldn’t recommend changing into something super formal, because comfort is still a huge factor here, but put on some clean clothes and at least make an attempt to be a functioning adult human here. I like to throw on one of my older pairs of Lululemons, a comfy hoodie (why would I want to be cold on my day off?), and some fluffy socks and embrace the feeling. Binge or no binge, I’m a big advocate for changing your clothing even if you are staying home for the day as it makes a big difference in your mentality. Bonus points if you can find a related piece of clothing to wear! (I need to find a suitable crown for the second season of The Crown!)


4. Check in With People 

Although you are taking a day or two to yourself to enjoy your binge, don’t forget to check in with your friends and family! People don’t disappear because you’ve decided to watch an entire season of Brooklyn Nine Nine, and while you might just want to fade into the background, you never know when people might still need you. When you are taking your breaks from binging, maybe give a friend a call or shoot them a text and see what’s happening with them. Remembering that the world still exists outside of whatever you happen to be watching is important, as you don’t want to find out that something has happened to/for a friend when you should have been there for them! Even better, you could invite people over for your binge and make it more of an event to share with friends and enjoy with everyone.



Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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5 thoughts on “A Guide to Binging Your Favourite Shows

  1. Parul Thakur October 22, 2017 / 7:15 am

    That’s such a thoughtful guide. I agree that healthy eating, taking regular breaks, checking in on Family and friends shouldn’t be put on hold.
    Happy mindful binge watching! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tahenryauthoress October 22, 2017 / 8:46 am

    I’m at SiWC right now and I have skipped all the post dinner events every evening so I could go back to my room and recharge my batteries with HGTV. LOL. A short binge can recharge as well as a long one.


  3. josypheen October 22, 2017 / 11:15 pm

    Did you write on here that you liked the Gilmore girls before? I’d never seen any episodes but I am sure it was someone from the lovely blogging group mentioned that it is a good show, so I started watching it. It really like it so far!

    I don’t think I could do a marathon watching session of anything though. I can watch several episodes in a row… but I always get bored before my bottom goes numb from sitting for too long! The only way for me to really binge is when I’m doing something else at the same time. Like spring cleaning, with a show on in the background…


    • anhistorianabouttown November 11, 2017 / 7:29 pm

      I do love me some Gilmore Girls- it’s the first show that I watched on TV from the very first episode to the very last! (Well, aside from the four episode reboot on Netflix…) It’s one of my “background” shows now- it’s so familiar that it’s a comfortable feeling when I watch it 🙂

      I also get stiff and sore if I sit for too long! I usually have to move around a bit during episodes and quite often will do a little bit of stretching or yoga to keep the blood flowing. Ditto for when I’m blogging!


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