Style Memories, Style File Friday

Today is going to be a slightly different Style File Friday- I promise that next week I will be back to my regularly scheduled style tips and advice posts next week (I’ve got two already on the go), but I wanted to go slightly more sentimental this week. Every single one of us have those pieces that although we might not be able to wear too often, we still hold very dear to ourselves- for me, one particular piece comes to mind…

Style Memories,Style File Friday

If you are brand new to the blog, I am an alumna member of Alpha Gamma Delta, my sorority! I joined the organisation in 2009 and am now involved as an alumna in several different ways, including as an advisor. In my particular role, I am neutral- meaning that during recruitment in the fall (when young women go through the process of meeting the different sororities to find where they fit), I cannot show my affiliation in any way. I can’t wear anything, say anything, post anything that may indicate what sorority I belong to. It sounds like a lot but it is to give these women an unbiased sounding board to think things through.

Harry Potter Alpha Gamma Delta Hoodie Front

I have a bit of Alpha Gam stuff that I use on a regular basis- a water bottle, a cardigan with a crest, a tote bag, nothing too crazy. Being that I work in a regular office, I can’t often wear the Alpha Gam t-shirts and hoodies that I still have- they are mostly relegated to evenings and weekends. A few of the pieces I do have left are pretty important to me- notably, my Harry Potter Alpha Gam hoodie. Yes, someone took the symbols of Harry Potter and used them to make our own letters- they took two of my favourite things and combined them into one amazing hoodie that is warm, comfortable, and makes me smile every time I put it on.

Harry Potter Alpha Gamma Delta Hoodie, Albus Dumbledore Quote

Although my scarf is the ultimate piece of comfort clothing because it can be warn anywhere, there is something to be said for something that that you can cocoon yourself in when you get home from a long day and just want to lose yourself in a magical world for a little bit. One of my favourite Harry Potter quotes is on the back- “It matters not what someone is born but what they grow to be”. We are all continuing to evolve and grow as people, and I think that if we don’t like who we are we have the power to change that.

What is your favourite style or clothing related memory?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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