Winnipeg Westie Walk, 2017

The Winnipeg Westie Walk has quickly become one of my favourite events in the year! Although I don’t have my own Westie just yet and Daisy lives all the way in Seattle, I obviously still love being able to meet and hang out with Westies. There’s nothing like seeing a field full of Westies and realising that you might not have time to pet them because there are so many of them. So, here are some of my favourite shots from the 2017 Winnipeg Westie Walk!

Winnipeg Westie Walk 2017, West Highland White Terriers

This year, Loki, Thor, and Thorn braved the walk, too, but they had to go hang out in a different area of the park because they were a little too excited to see all of the Westies. (I mean, I would be too if I were them.) They had the most adorable signs leading through the park to walk, and I would definitely use these as permanent decor if I got my hands on one!  winnipeg westie walk signs

There were contests for cutest, youngest/oldest, and dirtiest Westie, several silent auction prizes, and even a piper to lead the walk!! I mean, come on- if you are going to celebrate Westies, you have to do it in true style- other walks need to learn from the WWW!

winnipeg westie walk-01

I’d like to think that I didn’t squeal too much, but I couldn’t hold it in. Their teeny paws, their carrot tails, THE BEARDS! There was a huge variety in cuts (a big thing for some Westies), so it was pretty interesting to see the puppy cuts vs the show cuts vs the shaggies! Me? I love them alllllllll.

Winnipeg westie walk 2

Is it a dog meetup if butts aren’t involved somehow?

Winnipeg westie walk-04

And NOW the faces!

Winnipeg westie walk meeting 1

While I do still love huskies with all of my heart, it’s so different to have a doggo jump up on you and not be staring me in the face haha! I do like to get down to their level if I can but any Westie kisses are welcome 🙂

Winnipeg westie walk 5

Winnipeg westie walk meeting 2

JUST ADORABLE. There is literally nothing else to do but love them!!!

Winnipeg westie walk westie love 1

And then the walk heads out! We jumped back to the huskies at this point, only because it would have been pretty difficult to pet the Westies while they were walking… And I didn’t want to get too attached….

Winnipeg westie walk 6

All in all, this is a fantastically run event that is organised and well publicised, every-pawdy has a wonderful time from start to finish, and they welcome dogs of all kinds! And I don’t plan on being some sort of Westie creeper for my whole life- the plan is to get a Westie puppy of my own when I move to Seattle next year! I do plan on also adopting from rescues but I would like to have one from the beginning. Thankfully there are a few Westie rescues out on the West coast, so I think adopting should be very doable!

What’s your favourite kind of dog? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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