Rant: Podcast Pet Peeves

I try my hardest to stay positive on the blog and keep the rants to my head, or at the very least to a few choice people who I know will listen. However, this has been stewing in my brain for well over a month now and I can’t let it fester anymore. If you know what I mean or really just want to see me slightly unhinged for a few minutes of reading, buckle up: podcast rant is about to begin!

Rant- Podcast Pet Peeves

If you have been following the blog, you will know that I enjoy reading and watching the Outlander series. When I enjoy something, I usually go and find podcasts that are related to continue my pondering and thinking on whatever it is. Because the third season of Outlander is coming is just over a month, I’ve been listening to Outlander podcasts in the summer. And the titular Outlander Podcast always the first to be found…


I understand why on one hand, the name clearly helps it in searches. However, on the other hand, I can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s still going. It’s possibly the worst podcast that I’ve listened to, and I’ve probably listened to well over 300 podcasts and 1500 episodes over the years- I’ve got a decent point of reference. The two hosts could not be less  well suited to host a podcast, and I don’t know why it hasn’t come up before.

It is hosted by two sisters who are often joined by random other people. For anyone who has a sibling/siblings, you know that bickering amongst yourselves is most likely a way of life. You may not even realise that you are doing it because it’s just a way of being. However, when you are hosting a podcast and you are continually arguing with each other- to the point that you can’t hear what either person is saying- and making me feel awkward when I’m only listening because one of you won’t drop an inane and ultimately irrelevant point, you need to reconsider your tactics. It’s not fun or amusing, it’s just irritating. The Gilmore Guys disagree on countless occasions on their podcast but you can always hear Kevin and Demi and they know exactly when to let something go and just move on. It has never once thrown an episode off balance! It’s really made me wonder if they’ve actually listened to the Outlander Podcast after recording it; it’s baffling that it’s just ignored for years. It’s not fun or cute, it makes it impossible to hear what you are saying ON THIS AUDIO MEDIUM.

Gilmore Guys Bunhead Bros

My other major pet peeve with this pet peeve is that one sister, cannot say the word sex, sexy, or anything vaguely related. This is a grown woman who co-hosts an Outlander podcast who routinely says “smexy” like a small child. I personally don’t read Outlander for the sex scenes- some people do, and that’s totally cool, I’m just more of a world building person myself. Sex does play a substantial role in the series, however, and if you can’t bring yourself to even say the words, find a new topic. It would be like discussing the Harry Potter books but just totally avoiding Quidditch. You could do it, but you are ignoring a part of the books. Also, she uses the most bizarre metaphors that sometimes I have literally no idea what in the world she is referencing, let alone something in the books or series….


If you are looking for a good Outlander related podcast, I’m loving The Scot and the Sassenach! I’m only about ten episodes in but it’s fantastic. Unfortunately it ended in March 2017 (the couple separated) but one of the hosts is continuing with an Outlander podcast of some sort with her daughter in the fall! No podcast is perfect to all of us, but I think that the Scot and the Sassenach checks many of the podcast boxes that are common to all of us listeners. And if you would like more podcast recs, here are more of my recent recommendations!

What are your podcast pet peeves? And do you have any podcast recommendations for me? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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