Living That Puzzle Life

Okay, I’m a huge dork and I’m not afraid to admit it, as evidenced by countless blog posts on the minutiae of history. I enjoy spending time out with friends but I also appreciate having time to myself in the peace and quiet where I can think (or not think) for a few hours at a time! While I don’t know that they are as popular as they once were, I love digging into a good puzzle and making my through the shapes and corners. It might be dorky, but it’s a part of me!



Everyone has a preference on what type of puzzle they like- I prefer 750+ pieces of more with an image of something I’m interested in. I usually don’t do your standard landscape scene because I don’t particularly enjoy sifting through countless pieces of sky and grass for hours on end. However, westies, ballet, landmarks, and pictures have all featured on puzzles I’ve done in the last few years. As long as you have a table to leave it on, you could do a puzzle in a weekend, or in a year- there is no rush to get it done.
Teapots Puzzle

You can do it by yourself or with others, you can watch a movie, listen to an audiobook or a podcast, chat with someone, whatever floats your boat! Because it’s something you can do in the background, puzzles are really perfect for everyone. (Unless you have a cat, they might not be… Cat owners, do your cats go for the puzzle pieces?) Whenever people are around, they can jump in and help if they like. I am also a huge fan of giving and receiving puzzles as presents, especially if you are unsure of what someone likes/is interested in. (They are very easily re-gifted, if that is a concern of yours!)

3D Puzzle London Clocks

I like having a few puzzles on hand to do in the case of cancelled plans, bad weather, or just a quiet evening in. You can get them fairly cheap- second hand puzzles can usually be found for $5 or less, and Calendar Club type stores will have blowout sales in the months following Christmas. The main puzzle in this post is a 3-D puzzle of Westminster Palace (aka Parliament), which I believe is a whole other way to approach puzzles. I’ll admit, I’m not necessarily the best at this 3-D thing but I’d like to think that after spending a bit more time on it, I’ll be a bit better on this front. If you are looking for something different, I’d recommend trying out a mystery puzzle- you won’t have an image to work from, and the puzzle will end up answering the whodunnit!

3D London Puzzle

What’s your favourite way to pass the time at home? And puzzlers, what is your favourite puzzle?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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