New Balance and Lululemon, Style File Friday

My hope for Style File Friday is that it is a place for me to share my favourite style and beauty recommendations while also sharing the stories and backgrounds that go along with them. I love knowing how someone came to find and love a piece, and that makes a big difference when I’m looking for recommendations myself. (Let me know if you like this approach.) Onto the goods!……

My charge to back to being in shape is going pretty well, all in all! I know that a lot of people don’t want to invest in gym clothing and equipment (shoes) until they’ve reached a certain goal, but I find that I am far more motivated to hit the pavement and keep moving if I’ve got something new to wear. I have a few new pieces right now that are motivating me to get to the gym and to my yoga mat and put the time in that I should!

New Balance and Lululemon,Style File Friday

I always aim to replace my running shoes every year or so. I only use them for about two hours a week total at the gym on an elliptical, but I try to respect my running shoes and not let them get to the un-supportive, not functioning state that starts to adversely affect you. I bought a new pair of shoes from the Adidas outlet in Tulalip in January but those turned out to be dead end, so the hunt continued! M swears by New Balance and by the time that I visited Seattle in June I was ready to try outside of Adidas. (Most lightweight Adidas running shoes are now hitting around the $180 CAD plus taxes mark, and for a pair of shoes to wear for lunchtime running I’m not willing to go there.)

600 v2 Natural Running Shoes in Black, New Balance

I like lightweight shoes and I don’t like overly pink or purple shoes (a bigger issue with women’s shoes that you would think…). So, when we stopped by DSW and I spotted the 600 v2 Natural Running Shoes, I was intrigued! M wears the men’s version and assured me that they provide a good amount of support. They are incredibly lightweight, have a streamlined profile, and no pink or purple. Victory! I sized up half a size, and they are doing well in the first three weeks. My feet feel supported and have enough room to be comfortable, I don’t feel like I’m dragging around a ton of extra weight, and they are sleek enough to wear out if I am so inclined. For only $60 USD, they hit a good price point, as well.

Vinyasa Wrap in Black Rulu, Lululemon

Ahhhh, my love for Vinyasa scarves has been spread far and wide on the blog- I don’t know that I own a more versatile piece in my closet. The best mom of the year (aka. my mom) was out at our new outlet mall and spotted a Lululemon outlet store!!! Whaaaaat? I had no idea that it was in there but I might have motivation to actually go now. My mom called me to let me know that they have the Vinyasa Wrap (not scarf!) in black Rulu! (Rulu is one of Lulu’s newer fabrics.) I’ve been on the hunt for a Vinyasa Wrap for a while- the only black I’ve seen in person was the fleece version, and I wasn’t interested. However, I am in love with this black wrap. It can still be worn as a scarf but it is a simple black wrap that I have worn for yoga (perfect for ballet class) and as a cardigan wrap at work. Super soft and very drapey, it is a relaxed piece that is a nice addition to my wardrobe (especially at $29 CAD)!

Run Times Shorts, Lululemon

I’ve also shared my love of Run Times shorts- they are made for the taller folks, but shorter humans such as myself enjoy them as well. I find that they have a more relaxed fit in the leg and are more comfortable if you are using a wide range of motion. I spend a lot of time looking for these shorts in colours and patterns that I actually like. (See shoes above re: pink and purple.) My amazing mom found them in a pattern I’ve been looking for- that I’m pretty sure was pulled off of the website- in my size, for $39 CAD instead of the usual $58!! Given that I’m trying to run at lunch at least three days a week, these are going to be put to very good use. Teal is a hard colour for me to find at Lulu- it’s typically a bright teal pair of leggings that I’m not willing to commit to. Teal and dark?? Yes, please!

What motivates you to get up and move? New clothing, treating yourself with something when you reach a goal, a snack after exercise? Let me know in the comments!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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One thought on “New Balance and Lululemon, Style File Friday

  1. Frede June 30, 2017 / 9:02 am

    Beautiful finds, I really like the look of those shorts!


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