Blogger Fitness Challenge, Summer 2017

The main aspect of blogging that I am still here for is the community. So, when I sat down and thought about the fact that my blogging might be cutting down on my exercise/ fitness time, I figured that there may be other bloggers who feel the same way. I could have simply written this down in a notebook but I figured that I would share this if anyone else is interested!

Fitness Challenge

I write most of my blog posts on Saturday and Sundays- that means that I am at my computer (or my tablet editing photos) for several hours throughout the weekend. If it’s nice, I will sit outside or hang out in the three season room, but otherwise, it’s pretty much my and my blog! I read and comment on blogs when I have a few free minutes throughout the week, but the weekend is essentially blog time. So unfortunately, depending on what’s going on with my posts (and my life), exercise falls to the bottom of the to-do list on the weekend. In attempt to combat this very productive but not so great for me chair potato-ing, I have decided to make a Blogger Fitness Challenge and anyone who wants to can come along with me!

Show the people behind the idea and briefly describe their role.

I’ve tried to choose a wide range of options but please feel free to modify it for yourself! If one lap of your house is too much, maybe just a room is doable. If 30 seconds of a plank is too long, try 15 seconds with your knees lowered. Maybe lifting your laptop and holding it for 20 seconds is enough of an arm burn for you (some of them are fairly heavy…)! This isn’t meant to be a competition with each other, but rather yourself.

If you want to take part, feel free to comment on the post or share your successes on social media with #bloggerfitnesschallenge!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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