Michael Kors Daisy Moc, Style File Friday

I have been on the hunt for a comfortable but practical pair of flats for work for months now. I am very particular about ballet flats (they are near impossible to find a comfortable pair for under $130 USD) and I am hesitant to buy any shoes that I can’t try on. (Winnipeg is not the most wonderful place in the world for shoe shopping. Or any shopping…) Miracle of miracles, I finally found a pair while shopping in Seattle!! The Daisy Moc (Michael by Michael Kors) is perfect for what I need, and I’m pretty excited that I finally can step up my shoe game at work!

Style File Friday (2)

These are the Daisy Moc in black from Michael Kors’ diffusion line. Before I get into the shoes, I have to explain the two reasons why this is a miracle purchase. 1) I have an odd relationship with Michael Kors- it became popular in Winnipeg 3-4 years ago and now everyone has it, and you are more than likely going to grab someone else’s purse by mistake. I have avoided purchasing to escape situations like a wrong purse or pair of shoes at a get-together. 2) These were purchased at the Downtown Macy’s in Seattle, which is possibly the worst department store that I have been in. There is essentially no one that works there, and if there happens to be an employee wandering about like a tumbleweed they have no cares to give.

Michael Kors Daisy Moc top view

Still, the shoe deities shone on me and despite my two reasons, the world came together to help me find the perfect pair of new shoes. I spotted these at Macy’s and we were like, “one last shot for this store…”- the display pair was in my size. I tried them on, and they fit like a glove, so I clung to them like a dog with a teddy bear in a thunderstorm. I also spotted a pair of Coach loafers but they couldn’t find them after 11 minutes in the stockroom (yes, I time people), this was a sign to get the Michael loafers. One of three brands not on sale, and I was still sure in my gut that these were the ones.

Michael Kors Daisy Moc side view

Some people will criticise diffusion and outlet lines. However, I’m not against diffusion lines at all- no, you are not getting a $325 pair of shoes for $100, but you are getting a $100 pair of shoes! These are sleek, well-made loafers that will serve me well at work. It does says Michael Kors on the bar on the heel, but I don’t find it distracting. They are sturdy but not have, have a good amount of cushioning, and I can polish them!! (Dear suede loafers, how am I supposed to spiff you up? OH, I CAN’T.) I’ve only been wearing them at work thus far without a ton of walking, but I do plan on wearing these on longer walking days to truly test them. So far, so good- no blisters!

Michael Kors Daisy Moc Back

Overall, I’m feeling these! Simple, neutral loafers that will go with almost all of my work wardrobe- style victory.

What are you favourite shoes for work? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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2 thoughts on “Michael Kors Daisy Moc, Style File Friday

  1. Lorna June 10, 2017 / 4:58 am

    Dude. I shop for myself like once every 3 years. Macy’s is on the list of things a miss about NY. I think they’ve just started international shipping, which is a slippery slope! I love my Michael Kors jeans, but flats just slip off my feet.


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