Banff Restaurants, Travel Thursday

Obviously I had to talk about where we ate on our trip, and I figured that given that everybody loves food, I should finish my trip coverage off with it. Unless you are Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine Nine who searches out bland and flavourless food to fill your days, you will need delicious food to power all of your hiking and exploring! Banff is an interesting mixture of chain restaurants, fast food, and unique one offs- these are three of the spots that are unique to Banff. I hope that you enjoy my mini culinary tour of Banff!

Banff Restaurant Recs

Wild Flour Bakery

If you remember my Banff To-Do List, this was on my to-do list! We stopped there early one morning while we were out walking the boys, and I have to say, it’s not really my place. I would say this is more for people staying there long term- it’s mostly artisan breads. If you are like us and don’t have a kitchen, you probably aren’t buying a full loaf of bread… The croissant was huge and good, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to stop there. (My hands are a little small, but it’s still a huge croissant.)

Banff Rose and Crown Exterior

Banff Rose and Crown Turpin Sign

Banff Rose and Crown Cocktail

Rose and Crown Pub

We randomly picked this pub one evening for dinner, and it was a great choice! It was a Friday night, so it wasn’t terribly busy, the service was great, and the food was delicious. I decided to go full Canadian and get the poutine! (Fries, gravy, and cheese curds- everyone visiting Canada should try it at least once.) I also had the namesake cocktail, and it was possibly my favourite cocktail ever (rivalled by the James Joyce at the Bull and Castle in Dublin)- the Rose and Crown consists of Crown Royal Apple, Chambord, Cranberry Juice, and Lime! It’s a nice blend of rye with a little bit of fruity without being overwhelmingly sweet. It’s also got a fairly traditional pub feeling- cozy tables, dark interior, and low ceilings. All in all, fantastic!

St James Pub Banff Exterior


St james pub banff guiness window

St James Gate Pub

My brother and dad discovered this years ago, and we always go when we are in Banff! (Twice this trip, actually) It is named for the St James Gate of the Guinness Distillery in Dublin, and actually has elements from the Distillery throughout the pub. Another typical pub feeling- dark, warm, and cozy- they offer a mix of traditional Irish options with standard Canadian food, as well. I stick with my Jameson and Ginger at the Gate, but I’ll order pretty much anything but fish! This time we tried the mini Yorkshire puddings- wonderful as always. I love all of the decor and pictures throughout, it really does remind me of all of the different pubs I used to hang out in when I was living in Dublin. It can be busy but if you aren’t choosy about where you sit, you can usually find a spot quickly!

What is your favourite type of restaurant when you travel?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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