Podcasts You Should Be Listening To, May 2017

If you are at all interested in podcasts, you probably know that S-Town, made by the creators of Serial, dropped about a month ago. While I wasn’t particularly impressed by it but I do love that it brings a ton of attention to podcasts! I haven’t done a podcast recommendation post in quite some time, so today I’m going to be sharing some of the podcasts that I’m listening to right now. These are available for Android and Apple, so everyone is able to enjoy these!


Red All Over

Red All Over

Red All Over is from the host and co-creator of one of my other favourite podcasts, Up Yours, Downstairs, Kelly Annekin. It is a snarky/ humorous recap of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 The Handmaid’s Tale, and the current Hulu series of the same name- they discuss the book and the show separately, so if you are only interested in listening to episodes about one or the other you have that option. Kelly and her co-host Molly are incredibly intelligent and funny women who are spirited and engaging in addition to being hilarious. I find that a lot of podcast hosts are rather full of themselves, but these women will simultaneously make you want to hang out with them and read some more literature.

Popcorn with Mitchell Davis and Jack Ferry

Popcorn with Mitchell Davis and Jack Ferry 

Last summer I shared one of my favourite lighthearted and funny podcasts, Not Too Deep from Grace Helbig, and I would say Popcorn is it’s cousin! Jack Ferry, NTD‘s producer, and Mitchell Davis, a NTD guest, have come together to make a movie recap podcast and it’s pretty freakin’ hilarious. Twice a month they re going to do a recap of a different movie, and they’ve started with Big. Even if you aren’t familiar with Jack and Mitchell, or you haven’t seen the movie, it is still a ton fun and great for when you need to take your mind off of anything stressful or sad. The only thing we need now is more episodes- so far, there are only two!

Gilmore Guys Bunhead Bros

Bunhead Bros

Okay, so this image might be confusing- Bunhead Bros is a continuation of Gilmore Guys! Demi and Kevin are now recapping the shortlived Amy Sherman Palladino series, BunheadsBunheads has a special spot in my heart, being all about teenage ballet dancers, and I was pretty excited when they confirmed that they would be recapping this as well. I may be a weirdo for this but I love listening to longer podcasts! I love having more time with the subject and the hosts, and Bunhead Bros delivers on this. The episodes are typically 2-3 hours long for this series, and while there are quite a few tangents, you will be entertained from start to finish!

Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished

This recommendation is my true crime readers out there- I find that this is more similar to Serial than most other true crime podcasts, as the host is actively trying to go through the crime and find answers. Payne Lindsay covers the Tara Grinstead case from 2005 in Georgia, and throughout the course of the podcast you hear real-time discoveries and developments in a case that seemed to be stuck as a mystery. Because it is an active case, there are some people that won’t speak and files that can’t be released and topics that can’t be discussed at length. I think that being able to follow along with this real-time investigation makes it worth it!

So, what podcasts are you listening to right now? What are your recommendations?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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4 thoughts on “Podcasts You Should Be Listening To, May 2017

  1. Meryn May 7, 2017 / 7:15 am

    For anyone who liked The Wst Wing, there is the West Wing Weekly- recap of every episode once a week. The hosts do go on tangents (one was on the show) and sometimes I have no clue how they got there and as a consequence some of the episodes have no relation to the one they recap but they do have loads of guests- including Sorkin. In spite of the randomness at times I really like it.


    • anhistorianabouttown May 7, 2017 / 4:09 pm

      I really want to listen to this- the Gilmore Guys frequently recommend it- but I need to borrow the show from someone first! I think it’s one I would like to listen along as I watch!


      • Meryn May 8, 2017 / 3:14 am

        They watch an episode and then review it. Plus they jump around in the episode itself (from the beginning to the end and all in-between) so I wouldn’t suggest watching as you listen at the same time (if that’s what you meant. I do highly recommend the show though. I’ve lost track on how many times I’ve watched it- and it’s 7 seasons!


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