Top Instagram Posts, April 2017

Now that I am spending a decent amount of time and effort on Instagram and I’m slowly connecting with people, I thought I would do a monthly round up of the most popular posts on my Instagram account! Although most of the pictures I post are related to the blog post of that day, I will try to give a little more background into the image itself. This was supposed to be the top five pictures but of course there was a three way tie in the fourth spot, so you get six! And if you would like to connect on Instagram, please leave your Instagram handle in the comments!

Top Instagram Post, April 2017

1) April 27, 54 Likes


This is my brother’s older dog, Loki! He is a rescue husky from further up north, and he will be turning 4 in May (he was 3 in this picture). One afternoon in Banff last May we decided to take him on a longer walk on the Fenland Loop trail. It is a beautiful trail on the edge of town that takes you along the river and leads you to some pretty spectacular mountain views. Loki was pretty peaceful so I decided to grab this shot of him- I have to say, it turned out pretty well!

2) April 13, 53 Likes


Ahhh, my goofy travel hashtag- look out for more #goofytravel pics, I plan on sharing more! While my purple bags are more pronounced than ever and the colours in my hair look odd (all natural, but looking like I have teeeeny highlights…), I love this picture because it is definitely representative of my afternoon tea at the Orangery at Kensington Palace. M snapped this of me, and I’ve got to say that I very much appreciate all of the goofy pictures he takes of me!

3) April 20, 51 Likes


The Kensington Gardens look quite sparse in the winter months; while everything isn’t as dead and buried as everything here in Winnipeg tends to be, the winter in London can be on the gloomier side. I shouldn’t be shocked by now but every time I’ve visited Kensington Palace in the spring or summer it has been so bright and lively and I have to stop to take pictures. It’s a sunken garden, so it’s tucked away but certainly worth taking a few moments to stop and see it.

4) April 15, 50 Likes


International Reunion Day (or whatever your organisation calls their reunion or founders’ day) is pretty important to sorority members- it’s a time for us to appreciate what our founders’ have created for us, and to appreciate our sisters who are helping to continue our legacy. I always like to take a few moments and actually think about everything that our Fraternity has accomplished for each one of us!

5) April 10, 50 Likes


The more that I look at my paintings, the more that I appreciate the flaws in it. The spatter effect carries a bit further than I had planned but I like to think that a breeze is carrying some of the leaves off. I also like to remind myself that this is the first time that I had tried a splatter effect, and that’s its actually not so bad for a first try. Even though we tend to be hyper-critical of our own art, we all need to loosen up on ourselves!

6) April 25, 50 Likes


The Royal Opera House is fairly stunning- you can see it in its full glory at the top of the page right there. However, I love the simple coat of arms when you are standing in the heart of Covent Garden. It stands out so well, and represents the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera so simply but boldly. I have nothing but happy memories of Covent Garden. It’s busy and simultaneously calm, I could easily spend my days wandering through its little shops and stalls and then enjoy something from the Royal Ballet.

Please let me know if you would like to connect on Instagram, and if there’s anything you want to see! 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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