Banff To-Do List, Travel Thursday

At the beginning of May, I will be heading back to Banff with my dad and brother again- resident dog petter and walker, at your service! While I love just being there and relaxing in such a gorgeous setting, there are a few things that are on my to-do list for this trip. Most of what I plan to do is enjoy the fresh air, get ahead on the blog, and crack through my reading list but I’m going to share a few local to-dos that are at the top of my list!

Banff To-Do List,Travel Thursday

Via Fairmont Banff Springs

1) Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont, Banff Springs

I’ve myself a lovely afternoon tea booked at the Fairmont just outside of Banff. The hotel itself is fairly gorgeous (think $400+ a night), but I’m after the tea! I was lucky enough to have afternoon tea at Kensington Palace and my goal is have afternoon tea everywhere possible. I’m surprised at the price, it’s only $49.99 CAD- in London at the Palace, I paid £52. This is a steal! It will just be me by myself but I’m happy to enjoy the tea and take it all in on my own. The Rocky Mountain Afternoon Tea offers a selection of twelve different teas, fruit, scones, sandwiches, and dainties- if I’m going to spoil myself, I’m going to do it right.

2) Wild Flour Bakery

When I found out that we would be heading back to Banff I started poking around for a new place to try while we are there. Last year we discovered Toque Pub, and it’s still one of the most entertaining restaurants that I’ve been to, so I was hopeful that somewhere else would present itself. So far, Wild Flour Bakery is in the lead! Typically it is just me for breakfast and lunch so I will be taking part in the in-house granola and berry compote. The grilled sandwiches also look fantastic, so I might be grabbing one to take back for lunch….

Banff Cemetery Circuit Walking Tour

3) Cemetery Circuit Walking Tour

I loved seeing the history of the mining towns when we were out in Fernie, especially right in town! has a few different self-guided walking tours, but the Cemetery Circuit stuck out to me. According to the site, it is ‘[a] 1.2 km, 25 minute loop, past the Old Banff Cemetery along Buffalo Street. In 1911, the local newspaper predicted that Buffalo Street “promised to be the finest built in the entire townsite,” and residences for many prominent Banff families were built along its path.’ I’m going to start with this walk, because I think it would be fascinating to get to know some of the founding families of Banff, but I’m hoping that I can do a few more of the tours!

Bonus Points: Shopping! There is no Provincial Sales Tax in Alberta, so you only pay the Goods and Sales Tax. The GST is only 5%, so I plan on picking up a new pair of Hunter boot socks at the Bay and a new pair of running shorts from Lululemon- not having to pay an additional 8% in taxes makes a big difference.

What do you like to do when you go on vacation? Relaxing and reading? Hiking and sports? Shopping?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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3 thoughts on “Banff To-Do List, Travel Thursday

  1. Trula Marie April 27, 2017 / 8:56 am

    My favorite thing to do on vacation, aside from relaxing, is definitely to hit the historical sites. I can’t wait for another trip to Atlanta, GA, to present itself. It’s where Margaret Mitchell’s – the author of Gone with the Wind- home is located. They take you on a tour of it all too.

    It’s always the fun things like ghost walks and historic tours about the fun things from the city’s past that make me happy and make the trip a million times more fun!


  2. shopgirlanonymous April 27, 2017 / 4:56 pm

    My grandmother and I were just discussing the differences between travelers this morning at breakfast. At 88 she just returned from a 10 day cruise with her girlfriends. She said all her girlfriends wanted to do was shop, while she wanted to explore the culture, the architecture, and the history of each spot. Having grown up traveling with her, I share the same wonders when I travel while most of my friends are beach dwellers. I see it as if I wanted to lay around at a beach all day, why travel out of the country? 😉 But to each his own right!?


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