Snapshot Saturday + Poll, 22 April 2017

Hello, all! Today’s Snapshot Saturday is a two parter- you will get a sneak peak of something going on in my life, as usual, but there is also a fast poll to help me to decide where I should focus my lifestyle posts for next few months!

M went to London at the end of March, and he was ever so lovely enough to bring me back a sampler set from my favourite tea emporium to ever exist, Fortnum and Mason. Not only did he get me many of my favourite teas from Fortnum, he picked the most adorable little tins ever and I couldn’t love them more! My Friday morning was made considerably better by a lovely cup of Queen Anne tea.

If you would be wonderful, quickly letting me know what you would like to read would be wonderful!

Thank you!!

What is your go-to beverage? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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2 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday + Poll, 22 April 2017

  1. Charlotte Graham April 22, 2017 / 7:09 pm

    That tea tin is very lovely! I’d say my favorite go-to beverage is just a hot mug of strong, black coffee! Preferably French roast!


    • anhistorianabouttown April 23, 2017 / 9:22 am

      I’m completely uninformed about coffee- does the country of origin affect the taste??


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