Style File Friday- The Dog Park

Hanging out with my brother and our friends and all of the dogs (Loki, Thor, and Thorn) is pretty important to me- it’s a great time to relax, it’s a few hours outside in the sun and fresh air, and it’s time with the puppers! Winnipeg’s transition weather is a bit of a rough ride sometimes; Saturday was a high of 19°C and Sunday was a high of 2°C. Not exactly smooth sailing from one day to the next… As such, what I wear to the dog park can vary greatly from one trip to the next.

Style File Friday- The Dog Park


Coco Pique Wunder Under, Lululemon + Seattle Mariners Baseball Tee, Nike

I know that Lululemon’s quality is not as dependable as it once was, but I do love these Coco Pique Wunder Unders! I find that they are a bit warmer than the regular Luon Wunder Unders, and they wear a bit better- pilling isn’t an issue, and hairs/fluffs don’t cling to the pique material the same way. Anything that cuts down on the wind is a-okay by me! (If you are hoping to find some pique items from Lulu and you don’t want to scour the boards, start looking in August and early September- it shows up when the weather gets colder!) On top is my Mariners baseball shirt. I love the relaxed fit and the soft material, and it is perfect for layering on colder days. Tip from me to you- layering on a cold day with a regular t-shirt is not the best plan. The thin space between your bare arm and your hoodie/sweater will undoubtedly lead to you being cold…

Spring Dog Park OOTD2.jpeg

Scuba II Hoodie in Black, Lululemon + Team Canada 2014 Jacket, Hudson’s Bay Company + Vinyasa Scarf in Alberta Lake, Lululemon

The outer layer is a combination of my standard black Scuba from Lulu and my Team Canada Olympic jacket from HBC! (I didn’t realise that I was so Canadian with my apparel until I went to write this…) The jacket will keep me dry from everything but a torrential downpour, and it’s still in really good condition despite a ton of wear- I’ve got to admit, The Bay does a wonderful job with the Olympic team collections every year! My Scuba from Lulu is good for travel and any sort of activity. It’s warm but not incredibly thick, the sleeves are long enough to cover my hands, and the hood cuts most wind, I would say it’s worth the investment. I love grabbing either of my Vinyasa scarves from Lulu, because you can wear them in any number of ways and make them suitable for that specific situation.

As you can see, it’s still fairly cold here and I need to stay layered up to stay warm! What do you wear in the spring when you are out and about? Share your warm springs with me, please!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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