Style File Friday, 27 January 2017

This whole adulthood thing sinks in more and more every year, and along with it my wardrobe slowly shifts to reflect it. It is sometimes difficult for me to find clothing that fits appropriately. If it’s the right length, it’s often made for Juniors and too young for someone my age, and if it’s theoretically for my age, it is usually too big for my frame and makes me look younger anyways. I was able to find a few more pieces that fit me well and looked age appropriate; turns out, I’ve discovered new stores to stop at in the States!

Loft, Longsleeve T, Dancer Print, Blush

Dancer Print Longsleeve T, Loft Factory

Fran (of Franish) shares try-ons from Loft quite often, so I figured that I would give it a shot. I just happened to spot this basic longsleeve T and I fell in love! The darker blush colour, the dancer print, the soft cotton, it’s like it was specifically made for me. I find that I get into grooves with my wardrobe, I either  buy a ton of casual clothing or more formal career pieces. I find that this top can go either way- casual like above, or under a black blazer with a pencil skirt! Discount on sale items means this top was $7. Yes, SEVEN DOLLARS. While I do love Loft, they are a little expensive when you factor in the conversion. I think I’m going to keep an eye on their sale and outlet items in the spring when I look to spruce my wardrobe up! No link to be found for this one, but it’s a standard cotton longsleeve shirt.

Faux Leather Pleated Mini Skirt, J Crew Factory

I went into the J Crew Factory store when we visited the outlets in Tulalip. I went straight for the sale section, less to do with price and more to do with the fact that Winnipeg will firmly be entrenched in Winter until the end of April and spring clothes are useless to me right now. However, there was a large group of women in the back sale section who were fairly aggressive and I’m not going to elbow people to get to long sleeved tees….

I wandered on my and then decided to give it one more shot on the way out. I spotted this skirt and immediately fell in love with it- the pleats are perfect, it’s not too short, and it is incredibly comfortable. I would say it runs large, as I can comfortably fit a 0 (when I am usually between a 2 and a 4). Combining the clearance price and the 50% sale on clearance items, I was able to pick this up for $24 including taxes! Unfortunately, I can’t find the Factory version on their site anymore, but I have linked the same retail version from J Crew!

I’m happy that I’m slowly able to expand my adult wardrobe and find some gems at Loft and J Crew Factory (Banana Republic, as well)! One of my goals for 2017 is to shape and trim my wardrobe to suit my late twenties life.

Are you for outlets or against shopping there? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

5 thoughts on “Style File Friday, 27 January 2017

  1. Charlotte Graham January 29, 2017 / 5:53 pm

    Personally I love outlet shopping. I have similar struggles that you mention as far as finding pieces that fit both my body type and my age. I am tall and thin and a professional woman in my early thirties, so finding things that fit and look right is hard. If I find something that is slim enough for my bust and hips, it is too short and too immature. But if I find something mature enough, ti is intended for someone with a larger chest. It is so frustrating!


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