Things I’ve Learned in Adulthood

So, you are an adult. Or the world tells you that you are an adult but you aren’t sure that you are human, let alone an adult of the species. It is scary and difficult and you will have to make choices that you didn’t even know existed and do things that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. However, you will also learn. A lot. You will learn things about yourself, you will learn things about other people, you will learns things about the universe that could go in a fortune cookie. And today I am going to share that knowledge with you, so that you might be able to skip a lesson or two! 

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1. Don’t Cheap Out on Every Piece of Clothing
Yes, we all want a bargain, but when you get to your mid/late twenties, you will appreciate not having an entire wardrobe of Forever 21 and H&M. Sometimes it is nice to invest in a nice dress or blazer that you know you will have in your wardrobe five years down the line. Also, if you work in an office with a dress code, you will appreciate having quality clothing- presentation is important! Do you need designer clothing? Absolutely not. Do you want sheer t-shirts and frayed hems in a meeting with your director? Absolutely not.


2. Get Your Oil Changed On Time
Realistically, 5,000km (and/or 3 months) is a fairly quickly turn around time for oil changes. You can go longer, but your car won’t be as efficient on gas and you may end up needing an oil flush. Take it to an actual garage and not just a fast oil change place- they will check the rest of your car, and you will be able to catch car repairs before they become dire and/or dangerous. If you own a car, you need to be prepared to pay for the maintenance!

3. Take Business Cards
Take business cards and keep them. At a bakery and see some adorable cupcakes? Keep the card in case you are planning a birthday or a shower! Getting that oil change done? Grab the card so you have the garage’s info if you need it! Having your hair done? Take a card to have handy if someone asks for suggestions. I can honestly say that I’ve never regretted take a business card, but I have regretted not taking one.

junior-circle-goofballs.jpg.jpgWe all need someone to make us smile!

4. Give Out Praise and Make Someone Smile
Were you at a retail store and the associate went above and beyond, scouring for your size and giving you the sale price a day before it actually starts? Let the associate and the manager know! Good feedback is as important as negative- not only does it increase your chance of receiving the same treatment, you could really make the difference in someone’s day. Everyone deserves to know that they are doing a good job!

5. You’re Not Too Cool
No one is too cool. You aren’t too cool to sit on a swing in the park without taking artsy Instagram pics, you aren’t too cool to wear a bike helmet, you aren’t too cool to take pictures with Santa. Being too cool just means that you are missing out, and being too cool in the background is boring. Don’t make people retake photos eighteen times so that you have the perfect picture, just live your life!


6. Find a Cause and Give Back to It
No matter what your interests are, you can find a cause that is close to your heart. Give back with your time or your money, both are equally valuable. Animal shelters need egg cartons and newspapers, interview agencies need business clothing, seniors need company, children need breakfast, phone lines need manning- the list is endless! You will never regret helping someone in need. Yes, it will make you softer- now that I’ve volunteered at the humane society for almost two years, animal causes hit me even harder. But that in turn motivates me to give back more and make more of a difference!


7. Make Note of Things
When you notice things, take a mental (or physical) note of it. If one of your best friends loves tulips, take note. If your tires get low when it’s freezing out, take note. If you really enjoy running, take note. Sometimes these notes will be useful, sometimes these notes will save you, sometimes these notes will just make you or someone else happy! Life is busy and hectic and everything will be lost in the shuffle if you let it. Remember things with purpose, you won’t regret it!

What is your number one piece of advice to share? I will be adding everyone’s advice to the post here! 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

2 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned in Adulthood

  1. Charlotte Graham January 18, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    Awwww, I have been looking forward to reading this post all day, and it did not disappoint!! I could not agree more. Number four especially, though. I think that a big problem in a lot of social settings is lack of kind words and positive feedback. For example, a wife nagging on her husband for leaving dirty laundry out, a boss harping on his employee for messing up something in a report, a customer complaining to a manager when their order is wrong. It is far too easy for people to get in a mode of staying silent if things are done right, but only speaking up if they are done wrong. We need to learn to encourage each other and build each other up. And that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate something that needs to change or was done wrong, but I think that saying motivating/positive words goes a looooooong way, no matter what the type of relationship.


  2. mt077 January 21, 2017 / 6:03 pm

    Some sound advice.


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