Travel Tuesday, Greenbank Farm

For anyone who doesn’t know, Daisy is my soulmate. Daisy is M’s Westie, and she just gets me. We are both tiny, we are both sassy, and we both sometimes get sassy when we get lost in the shuffle because we are tiny. I always insist on taking her out whenever I visit, because she looks so happy and I love to see that teeny terrier smile! I am quite lucky that M lives in Washington, as the weather doesn’t get too cold for Daisy. So, armed with a Daisy, a tiny green coat, and smiles, where did we go? 

To Greenbank Farm! Greenbank Farm is at the narrowest point of Whidbey Island (Northwest of Seattle), so you can see the water on both sides of the island from the highest point of the farm. There is a restaurant and a handful of shops (with quite a bit of parking), and then rolling fields where your pup can frolic off-leash! No sharp rocks on the paws and no muck on your shoes- win win for all feet 🙂

I can’t tell you how much I love her little green coat- because it’s a wrap coat it makes her shoulders look even tinier! It’s also fairly warm and reflective. If you are looking to get your pupper a coat, I would certainly recommend this style as it is adjustable and easy on/easy off! Now, off on our adventure- look how happy she is!!

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

Now we’ve entered the off-leash area, time for Daisy to really get down to her inwestigations. Serious mode: ACTIVATED.

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

The setting here is pretty spectacular, especially when you are coming from the prairies where it is field after field after field. It does mean that the Farm is a little windy but I think that it is totally worth it for the view!

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

Daisy really is M’s best friend, she is his tiny white shadow that follows him everywhere!

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

Though she may be teeny, she be fast. Super fast, so fast she’s blurry!

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

Best friends, or should I say, West-ie friends??

Daisy Westie Selfie.jpegGreenbank Farm Daisy Westie.jpeg

Sometimes you have to stop and smells the flowers, am I right?

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

“I have to go home now? Are you nuts?!”

Daisy Westie Greenbank Farm

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a smile on Daisy’s face, and I’m glad that the weather cooperated for a wander about the farm. I hope that this has brightened your day just like mine!

Where is your favourite place to walk your dog?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

2 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday, Greenbank Farm

  1. Charlotte Graham January 10, 2017 / 6:36 pm

    Oh my gracious, Daisy is precious!!!!! And that little jacket on her … be still my heart!


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