2017 Aims

Everyone makes resolutions in the new year, and it’s well documented that the very large majority of us don’t meet them. (Me included in that, I’m probably worst than most.) I’ve decided that I am going to have aims in 2017. To me, aims are flexible, not so heavy, and move and change with me. Because these are aims, I can’t really fail at them, and can’t feel depressed in 2-5 months that I’ve fallen short/stopped doing whatever. So, what am I aiming to do in 2017? 

wp-1483926950367.jpgNothing is more fun than Kate Spade cookie cutters!

Do one thing a day that’s fun– This fun, it isn’t a specific fun. I’m not going to specifically read 20 minutes a day (although it’s me, so there is a 99.98% chance I will do just that) or listen to one meditation podcast a day. This is just pure unadultered fun, and I think that fun is going to go a long way helping with my stress and anxiety. Maybe I just want to dance around to a 90s playlist for 10 minutes instead of folding my socks. Maybe I want to have a cupcake for lunch. Maybe I want to watch an epsiode of Parks and Rec to relax. In any case, there is fun to be had and I will be having it!

Try new things and know that I might be terrible at them– One of the things that I learned doing my DIY holiday gifts is that I love trying out new things. So, this year I am trying new things! I am not going to hunt down one new thing to do a month or a week, but when the opportunity presents itself, I’m going to take advantage. Zumba has really shown me that even though you may look like a total dork, you might be having more fun than you release. Here’s to new things!

Go the extra step– It might be an extra five minutes on the elliptical or trying Dolphin Pose (even though I hate it and it makes my forearms mad), it might be trying a recipe that I wouldn’t otherwise, it might literally be taking an extra few steps to make sure that I recycle something instead of throwing it out. I don’t think that you can ever be upset with yourself for going the extra little bit! (Not in that gym meme “Go the extra mile, it’s always empty” kind of way- that one annoys me…)

Make the blog mine– I still don’t know exactly what it will look like, but I really want to personalise my blog to reflect me. I am hoping to have purchased my own domain by the end of March, but June at the latest- once I do that, I should be able to do more customisation. I suppose I will have quite a bit of playing around with themes to do!

Here is to 2017 for all of us! What are your resolutions, goals, aims, and plans to 2017? What do you want to do this year? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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