Successful Podcasts: Gilmore Guys and the Like

Podcasts are becoming more and more mainstream, and I love it. When I started listening to podcasts back in 2008 I felt simultaneously behind the times and ahead of them, continuously having to explain to people what they are. Now there is a podcast to suit every interest imaginable, usually multiple podcasts. Podcasts like Radiolab and Serial are arguably the most successful (in terms of numbers) and while I listen to them the ones that really stick with me, the ones I keep coming back to, are the ones where you actually get to know the hosts and they inject their personality into it. 

Comedy recap podcasts are typically my go-to; because they aren’t reporting they can actually let themselves be in the podcast, rather than remaining as a sort of news anchor outside of it all. I can come in and out of Radiolab because the only aspect that draws me in is the story they are telling. If I don’t like the subject, I simply don’t listen. However, I’m always going to listen to Gilmore Guys because Demi is open and friendly and funny and Kevin will teach you something about the shooting aspect of the show and the guests always add and never detract from the episode.

Yesterday, I tweeted at the Gilmore Guys that it felt like they were name dropping too much. I was listening to the first episode about the Revival (A Year in the Life: Reactions) again and after listening to the revival episodes for the last few weeks, Kevin continually name drops Myles McNutt. Yea, I get that he was a guest for episode 713 of the podcast but it felt weird and forced to me. Demi actually responded to me, and I was a little blown away- he read my tweet? A tiny blog and he took the time to read and respond to me? What now? This doesn’t compute.

Here’s the point where I admit it: I listen to Gilmore Guys for Demi. Kevin is also entertaining but sometimes doesn’t mesh well with my brain. Demi always comes across as flexible and adaptable but always honest while staying funny. It might be because this is his first watch-through the series and doesn’t have the Gilmore baggage that so many of us drag around. It also might be because his discussion style just jives with me. In any case, I love that he called me out. How many podcasts ignore their fans and don’t take the time to engage and respond? They are real people answering and interacting, not a manger, publicist, and hired social media coordinator.

Even in general, the Guys are fantastic with different opinions. Demi might hate Logan but he won’t hate you for being #teamlogan.

I have listened to quite a few snarky/comedy podcasts (Up Yours, Downstairs; Boars, Gore, and Swords; My Favourite Murder are a few) and while I might not always love the point of view, I love the person expressing it. Kevin and Demi aren’t doing this for the money, they are sharing genuine opinions and thoughts. That’s a rare thing in 2016, and I think is something that makes the podcast stand out. They have given how many millions of us a reinvigorated love of the series and a chance to see/hear it through fresh eyes again.

I am currently restarting Gilmore Guys- I’m going to listen to the entire podcast again, from start to finish. Let’s call it my number 1, 2017 resolution. And then I’m definitely listening to Bunhead Bros (or whatever the title of it ends up being). I might not always agree with them but I can’t stop listening. When I am stressed or tired or busy, this podcast gives me some laughter, some relaxation, and genuine enjoyment. It’s a bit of a hiding place, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

What is your favourite podcast? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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