Holiday Traditions (Blogmas 2016)

For many of us, we are winding down at work and school for a bit of a break, or at least for an extra few days, and I think that we are all looking forward to it! Yes, it is usually accompanied with a different kind of business, but I personally prefer the business of holiday visits and events than paperwork and emails at work. It is the time to embrace the cheer and warmth of Christmas lights and parties and enjoy the company of those around us. Today is all about those traditions that we have! 


ElfThe Santa ClauseMiracle on 34th StreetWhite ChristmasThe Grinch Who Stole Christmas, the list goes on! Many of us have a favourite movie that we curl up with some hot chocolate and settle in to watch. In my family, we pretty much have Christmas movies playing all the time- we leave it on either the W Network or Lifetime and enjoy the barrage of made for TV Christmas movies! Sometimes the quiet of burying under a throw blanket with pajamas and slippers is all that you need to forget the stress of the day and escape into Christmas for a bit.



While holiday parties can often be a great deal of work for everyone involved, I do think that they are a wonderful way to spend time with the people dear to you! We would all love to have one on one time with each of friends but unfortunately there isn’t a single schedule that allows for it- parties are the compromise. You get to catch up and celebrate the holidays with your friends, eat some delicious food, and maybe throw on a Christmas sweater!


The Nutcracker

This is a tradition that is particularly near to my heart, I have attended the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker nearly every year since I was 4. I wrote on it for my History of Christmas class, and I learned that it is a unique production in that every company tweaks and molds it to wherever it is. Here in Winnipeg, it begins with boys playing hockey on the street, and the soldiers are Mounties defending Parliament Hill! Most companies do make this an affordable show for families, start times are earlier rather than later, and there are often activities for children such as meeting the dancers and seeing the costumes in person! This is absolutely one of my favourite parts of Christmas.

What is your favourite holiday tradition? Please share in the comments, I would love to hear what you do to celebrate! 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

One thought on “Holiday Traditions (Blogmas 2016)

  1. thegirlonthego08 December 21, 2016 / 1:43 am

    Well, I just spend time with my family and relatives. I have a lotta cousins and we watch movies whenever we meet up, dance like crazy and have delicacies! So holidays are actually what we all eagerly look forward to! 😃☺😁


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