Style Saturday- 17 December 2016

It has been horrendously cold in Winnipeg. As in, uncovered skin will be frostbitten in ten minutes or less cold. While I still love winter, I do not love feeling like the calcium has been leached from my bones and been replaced with ice. Seat heaters in the car and efficient heating systems inside go a long way to keeping me warm, but this week I have been heavily relying on my Christmas sweaters to keep my blood pumping around me and keeping me warm. Also, they are just amusing. Call me an elf, we need the Christmas spirit to get us through the cold and the chaos! 

Monday, 12 December- My Uh-Oh, half eaten gingerbread man sweater is a little bit longer, a lot a bit warmer, and always a conversation starter! Wearing this sweater with my red RW&Co Modern Stretch Leggings was certainly the right choice- the red Santa hat and detailing of the sweater stands out with the red of the pants.

Tuesday, 13 December- Ah, the sweater that started it all, my €12 sweater from Penney’s complete with movable scarf and reindeer beard! (Extra points if you can spot the snowman in the picture…) Layering the sweater with a plain long sleeve shirt allows me extra warmth without distracting from the sweater itself.

Wednesday, 14 December- Today was the day, our work potluck and the culmination of our Secret Santa exchange! This sweater was a gift from one of my best friends last year, and yes, the bells on the antlers are real bells. I may have taken to hopping about the office to pick up printing to serenade everyone with the magic of sweater bells….

Thursday, 15 December- This #ElfieSelfie sweater is a favourite around the office now- I can see why it sold out at H&M last year! It’s bright and fun and makes my boring black Modern Stretch Leggings not quite so boring. And no one has made me sit on their lap at work to take a picture with them this year, so it will stay in the win column (it’s a long story…).
20161216_182037.jpgFriday, 16 December- The last Friday of work before the break! I fully admit, this was taken after work- I did not wear Lululemon Groove Pants and Olaf slippers to work, though I would have been comfy. This hoodie was a gift from a friend last Christmas, and the ballet dancing elf/Christmas tree is perfect for me! I don’t normally suggest wearing a hoodie to work, but if the coldest day in months isn’t a good reason to wear a hoodie I don’t know what is.

How do you dress to keep warm?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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