Style Saturday, 10 December 2016

December is now in full force, and now is the time that it is perfectly acceptable to ramp up the holiday clothing and embrace the season full force! Christmas sweaters, red, and green, and a whole lot of Christmas spirit have been flying around me. As you will see in my photos, this is as much about my Who-ville decorations as it is my outfits. These are super fast photos to give a quick impression rather than a piece by piece breakdown- the holidays aren’t the time to get caught up in the nitty gritty but rather taken away by the cheer! So, onto the outfits….

Dec 5 Christmas OOTD

Monday, 5 December- Today wasn’t a terribly cold day, and I had an Executive Council meeting for Alpha Gam- enter a dress! This sheath dress is a classic number from Smart Set; I’ve owned it for six years now, I’ve worn it at every history conference I’ve presented at, and every job interview I’ve gotten. I wanted my red cardigan to stick out, ergo black dress and black tights with the bright red cardigan!

Dec 6 Christmas OOTD

Tuesday, 6 December- Ah, the first big winter storm of the year for Winnipeg. Or should I say, the first blizzard. Today was not a day to muck about in tights and a skirt or dress, today was a day for pants! This green Tommy Hilfiger sweater is thin but warm when layered with a long sleeve shirt. I got a ride in and out today, and I actually helped push a car out. These pants are warmer than tights but not warm when you fall in the snow pushing a car out- best to wear sweatpants over top now!

Wednesday, 7 December- ….This was a snow day, and as such I remember in warm, comfy clothes at home!

Dec 8 Christmas OOTD

Thursday, 8 December- After the craziness of the blizzard and the snow day, I went for all comfort! Black jeans, mint and grey striped longsleeve, and the red cardigan are the key to a cold but successful Thursday. This mint top is probably one of best outlet finds in my shopping experience- less than $10 for a super soft and comfortable shirt that I’ve received countless compliments on!

Dec 9 Christmas OOTD

Friday, 9 December- Yes, it was time to bring the #ElfieSelfie sweater back into rotation! Today was a lovely -23ºC with the windchill, so although it doesn’t breathe that much (turns out that a $17 USD sweater doesn’t have a lot of breathability) I was nice and toasty warm. I specifically wear this sweater with jeans because it can be a little full-on with the entire elf body made of sequins. This was perfect to perk people up at the end of a long week!

What have you been wearing this holiday season? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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