Living With Purpose, Pt IX- Fraternity Friday

Today we come to the end of my contest! While it’s been a fairly small contest, I’m happy that I decided to do it. I know that very few, if any Alpha Gams have read any of these posts, but if you have, I hope that they have given you some thinking. I will admit, part of the reason that I decided to have this contest is to get members talking about the underlying reasons Alpha Gamma Delta exists. I find it disappointing that so many posts and pictures and tweets are related to superficial aspects of Greek Life- socials/exchanges, how pretty a chapter house is, lettered clothing, blowing glitter around on bid day. I’m in no way saying that everything in the Fraternity needs to be history and weighty discussions but I think that for all of us to prove our worth as an organisation in 2016, looking into 2017 we need to stop sharing the superficial and focus on how we can offer value (and not just a pretty picture) to the world around us. The second last line of the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose well sums up my thoughts… 

To possess high ideals and to attain somewhat unto them.

This line has always said to me that we should always be striving to be our best at whatever we are trying. We might not make it all the way to our best but such is life- that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. As a Type A personality, possessing high ideals is not really a challenge for me. To me, this line of the Purpose calls us to possess high ideals not only as individuals, but as chapters/groups and as a whole organisation. We have all pledged ourselves to this society and I don’t believe that our founders intended our high ideals to be a festival themed tank top with feathers and arrows- we are in this together to elevate ourselves and those around us. It might be easier to focus on the superficial, what works well on Instagram and Snapchat, but if that is all we are meant to do, do we really need an organisation for that? 

Our Junior Circle has been rather quiet for the last few months, mostly due to very busy schedules. However, we will be back to monthly meeting, brunch, and sisterhood activities, as well as IRD planning, in January 2017. I would love for us to do a philanthropy event but I don’t think that we have enough people with enough time to make it work at the present. So, I’ve been looking for projects for us to take part in, such as the Kindness Project, #alphagamisbeautiful,  or even random acts of kindness whenever we are out together. It can be done whenever we are together, we don’t necessarily need to be anywhere specific or have a certain number of us present. As a group, we can make things better for ourselves and a community- it’s our Purpose! 

To enter the #ShowYourPurpose contest:
1.Post a picture to Instagram showing how you live out the Purpose! 
2. Tag @anhistorianabouttown in the picture and use #ShowYourPurpose! 
 The winner will be randomly drawn at the end of week 10, last day for entries will be December 16, 2016. Feel free to share with any sisters, I love seeing entries from everyone! 

Show Your Purpose.jpg

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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