Chicago 2013, Travel Thursday

Chicago and Winnipeg are often compared with one another. While Chicago is quite a bit larger than Winnipeg, the cities do have a similar feeling, a similar climate, and a love of hockey! I was able to visit one of my best friends, Ekta, on the way back to Dublin when I was studying there in 2012-2013. Lucky for me, flying Winnipeg to Dublin typically means a connection in Chicago if you are flying through the States. I extended my layover to three days to give myself time to spend with Ekta before continuing on to Dublin to start the second term. 

It wasn’t terribly cold there (comparative to the temperatures that Winnipeg was facing at the time), so I really enjoyed wandering around the city. Ekta was busy with law school and I was busy preparing a historiography due in two weeks, so we spent most of our days working, but we did take a few hours to get out and about.

Millenium Park and the bean statue are two of the most famous sights in Chicago! I’m fairly certain that Obama crowds gathered in the park, and it’s kind of crazy to see the difference in the park from one end to the next. We didn’t spend a ton of time here, but I did get the required photo of the bean! Why a bean? Why is it there? What function does it serve?

Chicago Bean

Chicago Millenium Park

This was on the outside of a library- there is something fantastic about wanting to be ordinary. Quite frankly, most of us are ordinary and there is nothing wrong with that.

Chicago  Library Ordinary

The Chicago skyline is filled with skyscrapers that dominate the landscape and would make Winnipeg’s office towers look like shacks. I wish that the detailing that is focal at the top of the tower carried throughout the entire building, but no such luck. Still, very cool to see it in person!

Chicago  Tower

Cool thing about the Tribune Tower, there are stones from older and important buildings around the world. Of course I had to get a picture beside the stone from the Old General Post Office in Dublin, although it looks a little different than the Post Office itself… My hair was weirdly dark back then, especially considering I don’t dye it. (Interesting to see what your hair will do on it’s own. Anyhoo, back on topic!)

Chicago Old Post Office Dublin

While the Disney Store in Chicago isn’t anything special inside, the entry way is wonderful- these tile Minnie and Mickey are the perfect way to welcome you in! I admit, I stop in a Disney Store in every city I visit. I usually buy a tote bag or t-shirt, and I always go out of my way to find out what sets that store apart! Like these murals….

Chicago Minney Disney

Chicago  Mickey Disney

While I love Burberry and I will eventually own a Burberry tote, I found the printed building to be a little overwhelming… I suppose that it does make for a very interesting building, though!

Chicago  Burberry

In the evening we tried some deep dish pizza- not for me, too much cheese (I never thought that I would say that)- and then stopped at Target. Yes, if you don’t have Target, you have to find one and stop there when you are in the States. However, on the way there, we passed the Joffrey studios, and of course I had to stop and admire. Not necessarily my favourite repertoire of the large American companies but you can’t deny the talent there!

Chicago  Joffrey Ballet

On my last day, I stopped by the State Street Macy’s which is actually on the Historical Register! It is beautiful and if you ever have the chance to stop by, I can’t recommend it more. The mosaic tiling will take your breath away, and it seems that it should belong in a museum rather than a department store.

Chicago State Street Macy's

Chicago  State Street Macy's Quote

Have you visited Chicago? What did you think? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

One thought on “Chicago 2013, Travel Thursday

  1. Alex December 8, 2016 / 12:22 pm

    Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I have been a ton and suggest checking out the museum of science and industry (MSI) and the Shedd aquarium in particular. If shopping is your thing then Water Tower Place and surrounding streets is where you want to be. Also, check out broadway Chicago (if you can get tickets!).

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