Online Shopping, A Rant

This is a rant, so if you aren’t partial to that might I suggest a Blogmas post for happiness? If you are still with me, read on! This is Wednesday’s post early, FYI.

On Black Friday, M ordered a tablet for me because it was a wonderful deal (as they often are on Black Friday). I don’t know what my bad luck is, but every one of my online orders the last few months has had an issue of some sort. This was no exception. USPS lost it a few times, Amazon sold out (even though it says in stock) and is now refunding it. Okay, whatever, I don’t get a tablet for cheap. Life goes on and I will survive! However what I am very upset about is all of the time that M and his family put into it. They drove to multiple towns to check post offices to see if it was there on the advice of Amazon, using their time and gas. They also spent hours on the phone with Amazon trying to figure it out. 

So, where in Amazon’s policy covers the amount of time that went into their mistake? Amazon is known for blaming their carriers. If you hire them, you take responsibility for them, Amazon. How will they be reimbursed for the hours of time on the phone, driving, and gas? They wouldn’t answer me on twitter after my original tweet, so I couldn’t get an answer to that question. I’ve never had great service from Amazon but this is ridiculous. They are loyal customers and Amazon wasted a ton of their time. 

I’ve learned my lesson, universe, I’m done with online shopping and all of the associated problems! However, it doesn’t sit right with me that they have taken no responsibility for this, not in the least. As soon as I get a reponse, I will be deleting my Amazon account- this is no way to treat loyal customers. 

Until tomorrow, 

The Historian!

2 thoughts on “Online Shopping, A Rant

  1. Victoria December 6, 2016 / 6:10 pm

    I totally get this! Its like yeah okay thanks for the money back but where do I get the time back and all the stress and crap that goes into getting something back before finally being told no. It all ends up being this huge mess and its completely not worth it.


    • anhistorianabouttown December 6, 2016 / 6:41 pm

      Exactly! It’s one thing if you get an email letting you know they were sold out and figured out after you ordered. But to make you run around and waste hours??? Awful 😦

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