Gift Wrapping Guide (Blogmas 2016)

Hello all! Welcome back to your next Blogmas related post, today’s focus being gift wrapping. Unless you take the “all gift cards or cash” attitude, you will probably have to wrap a present or two. Sure, you can use tissue paper or a gift bag or a gift box but there is something about a wrapped present that makes it more special. Does every single gift need to be wrapped individually? Nope, but I’m an advocate of at least trying! I’m not the most gifted in this area (holiday pun!) but I have a system that I’m going to sahre with you now….

1. Gather your gifts, wrapping paper, scissors/knife, tap, and gift tags. 

Make sure you have everything you will need for the whole process! I find that gift wrapping does take me a while, so I want to get it all done in one shot if at all possible. There’s nothing worst than being halfway through your fifth gift and then running out of tape. Also, try to eyeball the number and size of gifts and your available wrapping paper. You can get it pretty cheap if you look out for combo packs, no excuse to run out! Bonus points if you also get ribbons and bows!

Present Wrapping.jpg
These are my nephews presents… Yep, that’s a book about vegetables with wedgies and a stuffed skin cell…

2. Measure your piece of wrapping paper for the gift. 

This isn’t hard, you will need the paper to overlap in order to cover the whole gift but not have a ton of extra paper. Just eyeball it and err on the side of too much rather than too little.

Present Wrapping

3. Cut wrapping paper. 

I am a new fan of the knife cutting method. Fold your paper to the appropriate size, gently crease the paper, and then use large swooping cuts to separate the paper. Using a large knife will limit the number of actual strokes needed, limiting the number of nicks in the paper. Make sure your knife isn’t dull, and that you always have it in a safe place!

Present Wrapping

4. Fold paper over present length wise and tape. 

Always start with the longest side when wrapping to ensure that everything is covered. Ideally each piece should reach 1-2 inches past the centre point but if you have extra paper it isn’t the end of the world! Use a small piece of tape to secure.

Present Wrapping

5. Fold the ends in. 

I can’t really describe this in words… See my very informative pictures for help!

Present Wrapping

Present Wrapping

6. Tape each end down. 

Voila! You are finished now! The present is wrapped and you can dance around like a newly liberated Grinch who has discovered the true meaning of Christmas (and probably also the magic of chocolate…)!

Present Wrapping

Present Wrapping

Present Wrapping

What are your gift wrapping tips and tricks? Please share in the comments!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

2 thoughts on “Gift Wrapping Guide (Blogmas 2016)

  1. thegirlonthego08 December 6, 2016 / 7:16 am

    I loved this neat way of wrapping ☺☺
    Yes, a gift with a wrap looks more attractive! 😁


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