Living With Purpose, Part VIII.- Fraternity Friday

While this is a fairly small contest, I am happy that I am running it- it has given me a reason to ponder on and think about each specific line of the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose. With this being an incredibly stressful time for me, taking twenty to thirty moments to stop and think about myself as a person and how my actions represent that. Realistically every sister of Alpha Gamma Delta interprets and views the Purpose in  a different way, and I’ve come to realise that it is up to each of us to decide where we stand.

Show Your Purpose.jpg

 To covet beauty in environment, manner, word and thought.

This is another line that I’ve seen cause contention within members. Some argue that this means that we should look a certain way, while others while focus on the “word” and “thought”. I think that beauty is individual and what’s beautiful to me might not be beautiful to you.

I’ve really been focusing on the “thought” part of this line this week, though. I have a tendency to get very frustrated and down on myself, and work has been tense and difficult for the last month. People are rude and short with everyone and work is coming in far faster than we can get through it, and it’s hard to stay positive in my own thoughts. I’ve been focusing on seeing the good in every situation, even if it’s just that I am getting more experience from more work. I’ve noticed that taking a few moments to take a step back and literally think beautiful thoughts does improve my mental well-being. Am I 100% on the top of the world afterwards? Nope, but I’m a little bit happier and I think that counts for something!

To recap, the prize for the contest includes an Alpha Gam tote bag, note pad, and note cards for some rose notes! How does this contest work, you ask? 

To enter the #ShowYourPurpose contest:
1.Post a picture to Instagram showing how you live this line and #tocovetbeauty! 
2. Tag @anhistorianabouttown in the picture and use #ShowYourPurpose! 
 The winner will be randomly drawn at the end of week 10. Please share with other sisters, and show your Alpha Gam pride!  


Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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