Get to Know You Tag!

I believe that I told Chrissey that if she did a Get to Know You post for her blog, that I would also do one! I’m about two weeks late on this, but I finally got this post done. This is for anyone who may have wondering about me as a person, or just who is posting rants about the merits of salted and unsalted butter….

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  • Name: The Historian (I like to maintain the mystery, okay?…)
  • Age: Mid Twenties
  • Height: Shorter than 5’4″…
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Tattoos/Piercings: Just the regular ear lobe piercings- I’m terrified of needles, so that’s it for me!


  • Colour: Red
  • Season: Winter- I adore Christmas, and here on the prairies of Canada, we do winter very well! I could spend my days playing in the snow.
  • Shop: Hmmm, I’ll have to go with Nordstrom in North America, and House of Fraser in Ireland!
  • Song: Really anything from Tchaikovsky! (It’s the ballet dancer in me.)
  • Music Artist: Michael Buble, Tchaikovsky.
  • Bands: Pentatonix, Sam Roberts Band.
  • TV Show: Gilmore GirlsParks and Recreation
  • Film: Beauty and the Beast, Funny Face
  • Actor/Actress: Anna Kendrick, Tina Fey
  • Book: Northanger AbbeyLet’s Pretend This Never Happened
  • Food: Berries. Or Steak.
  • Beverage: Black tea with lemon.


1. What’s the story behind your blog name? 

Well, all of my degrees are in history and I love to travel and get out. Henceforth, An Historian About Town!

2. What are your three best and three worst personality traits?

Best: Honest, Focused, Intelligent

Worst: Perfectionist, Easily Frustrated, Overwhelmed.

3. Favourite subject in school?

History- two undergraduate and a graduate degree kind of means that I’m obsessed.

4. What are your fears?

Things that live in water other than turtles, bugs, and spiders.

5. What is the last thing that made you cry?

Richard’s funeral in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

6. What countries have you been to?

Canada, United States, Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Germany.

7. What was your dream career when you were little? Has it changed?

Ballet dancer when I was yea high- you learn early on if you have the right body type or not. Owning a dance studio throughout middle school- too many studios in my city. Being a historian/professor- realistically there are no jobs in the field (thank you current professors for “working” far past retirement age and then helpfully telling me that my generation won’t get a job in academics…). Now I’m working at a university and I’m loving that I can help students.

8. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Classic with a Christmas sweater twist! But for realsies, I usually gravitate towards timeless silhouettes and prints, with Kate Spade for a kick of colour! If I could borrow the Duchess of Cambridge’s closet, I would die happy.

9. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A westie, for sure. I’d like to think that I’m tenacious and curious like a westie.

If you feel like telling us about yourself, please do this post! It’s not overly challenging to write, and I would love to get to know more of my readers. 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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