History in the Making

History in the Making

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life- Spoilers Ahead!

BE WARNED: SPOILERS COMING UP. Now that I have watched it twice through, and am making my way through a third, I feel like I can start writing my thoughts down. We have all waited the better part of a decade for another date with our girls, and we finally got that in the form of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! Four, ninety minute episodes, from Winter all the way through to Fall.  I’ve been waiting over a year for this, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I used a vacation day for it! This is going to be somewhat organised, but also a stream of consciousness. Much like the Gilmore Girls themselves…
Ahhhh, we start with Winter. Winter is my favourite season so I was rather hoping that it would be the last episode of the four, but I got over it.  Realistically I know that it is shot in California, but there were a lot of people underdressed for winter in the northeast. You wouldn’t be wearing thin tights, Rory, and all of your coats wouldn’t hanging open, thousands of townspeople. Anyhoo, we get our obligatory “I smell the snow” moment, a “it feels like it’s been years” moment, and away we go! Almost every actor/actress returned, but many have physically changed in the decade between shows, so you might have to pause and really look to figure out who they are.
The main points of this episode? Reunion of everyone, Richard’s funeral, Emily and Lorelai still don’t get along, Lorelai and Luke consider having a kid via Paris’ surrogacy agency, and Rory is sleeping with an engaged Logan.
The only time I cried throughout the entire four episodes was during Richard’s funeral. Richard was my favourite character, I really believe that he was the only Gilmore who was actually a good person. I don’t understand why Lorelai was hammering away at Emily about the portrait mix up, it just makes her come off as an insensitive jerkhole for badgering her mother who is clearly deep in grief. Rory’s new boyfriend Paul is a running joke that isn’t that funny or really serve a point. I know that everyone is angry that Rory is sleeping with Logan when he is engaged, but hey, at least he’s not married?
-Kirk’s new business Ooober shall be rated two bagels to the face!
-Celebrity chefs at the Dragonfly aren’t as horrifying as Lorelai implies….
-Luke’s Diner now has a rule against man buns, and I think we all agree.
Now onto Spring! Town meetings, a world food festival, and A NEW SHORT FILM BY KIRK! If your mind isn’t blown by this cinematic masterpiece, I don’t think that you have working eyes. Rory and Paris spend a good bit of this episode at Chilton for a reunion day where they both give talks to a classroom of impressionable young’uns. Rory inspires while Paris terrifies, as per usual. Paris has a freak out due to her and Doyle’s divorce, and Rory comforts her, as per usual. Lorelai and Emily start therapy together and it goes exactly how you would expect it to go. Rory works on a spec article for GQ about people who wait in lines for things, and then has a one night stand with a wookie. There’s really not more to say about that.
-Scratch the previous comment, Rory had a one night stand with a wookie? I believe that everyone changes and grows but who the hell is this girl who has a boyfriend, an affair with an engaged ex-boyfriend, and having one night stands?
-And so the Bunheads and Parenthood cameos begin. I feel that they come off fairly heavy handed and didn’t really add anything. Yes, we get it, Amy Sherman-Palladino has made other shows. (Sidenote: I did enjoy Bunheads, but it was a poor man’s Gilmore Girls with dance.)
Summer marks the third quarterand we spend a weird amount of time at a pool that we didn’t know existed until now. April (Luke’s daughter) stops by and it is wonderful to see her again, even if she is a little frazzled. Lorelai joins the Stars Hollow: The Musical advisory committee and Rory is the new editor of the Stars Hollow Gazette! I think that these were two of my favourite plot points in the remake, I absolutely love seeing the town and everyone. The town is what makes the show for me. However, I could have done without a A SEVENTEEN MINUTE MUSICALSeriously, seventeen minutes. Why did that need to be so damn long? Emily is still out of sorts and Lorelai and Rory are still trying to comfort her (kind of, in Lorelai’s case….) Jess comes to see Rory, and tells her to write a book about the Girls’ relationship. Lorelai is not on board with the book, and now the Girls aren’t talking. Rory cuts finally cuts ties with Logan…
-Apparently Rory has no need of money, as she jumped on editor job that pays $0.
-Jess is still pretentious, and somehow is apparently even more of an artsy hipster.
-Lane is still an amazing friend who is there for Rory no matter what bizarro event is happening!
-Lorelai is “doing Wild”- it seems incredibly cliched, and something that our beloved Lorelai of the original series would never do. Who is this woman?!?
-The 30-Something-Gang is stupid, and they leaned on it way too hard.
And the finale, Fall. The final season, our last glimpse into the Girls’ lives. I was a little sad that our return to the Girls and Stars Hollow is ending so quickly, but it is a wonderful episode. Rory sees different oddities, such as a message on her 35 year old computer telling her to get ready, Kirk’s pet pig wearing a sign saying “Kick Up a Rumpus”, a man on a unicycle… THE LIFE AND DEATH BRIGADE IS BACK! The LDB is my favourite aspect of the show- entirely ridiculous but still somehow lovable. It does mean that Logan is back, and it feels like they are toying with each other. Lorelai’s Wild adventure is pushed back by eight million different things until she wanders around a hill, and has a lovely memory/moment with Emily (via phone). Emily loses her shit with her DAR ladies, and finally decides to sell the house and move to Nantucket. It finally felt like Emily was beginning to heal! Rory writes her book about her mother and her’s relationship, shows the first three chapters to Lorelai and gets permission to write the full book. She also goes to see her father and ask about why Christopher let Lorelai raise Rory alone. Luke and Lorelai finally get married! And then, final four words……… (If you don’t want to see, leave the post now)
Rory: Mom?
Lorelai: Yeah?
Rory: I’m pregnant.
RORY’S PREGNANT? Why? I mean, sure, I get that Amy wanted the show to come full circle, but I don’t necessarily think that she achieved that with this ending. It makes Rory’s meeting with Christopher an intense bout of foreshadowing that seems to indicate that she will raise the kid on her own. Amy has made comments that Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is her Luke, but I think that Amy is doing a real disservice to the characters by making them identical copies of each other. Also, Rory and Logan are not the same people or in the same place that Lorelai and Christopher were 32 years ago- they are 32, college educated, have life experience, and Logan has a steady job, so I think that attempting to say that everything is repeating itself is weak.
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved watching this, and by the end of writing this, I’m starting my fourth watch-through. I loved seeing Lorelai and Rory and Emily, the banter, the town, everyone that we love, and I’m so happy that the powers that be saw fit to give us one final dose! Everyone committed entirely to this new season/series and I couldn’t be more grateful that we as a fandom were gifted with this. However, I feel like the last few moments detracted from it. Not hugely, but enough to make me go, huh?
So, fellow fans, what were your thoughts? Do you think I’m crazy? What was your favourite scene? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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0 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life- Spoilers Ahead!”

  • Oooh great thoughts! I definitely think that I got more out of it watching the second time – knowing the ending definitely made some of the scenes have a bit more weight and I looked at them in a different way.

  • I haven’t even made it through the entire post yet and I’m wanting to comment so badly haha. You are so spot on. OMG Thank you for noticing the Bunheads and Parenthood cameos! I was like YOU’RE KIDDING. Also the references to popular books–Wild and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Those happened.
    I agree with you on the whole “full circle” idea, I do think it’s a stretch and personally I think it’s a bit lazy. I did see the book thing coming as soon as Rory said she would write a book, so I was teary eyed during that.
    I could totally watch this mini-series again, I’m impressed you’re on your fourth go! Do you know all the words to the musical by now? 🙂

      I was honestly surprised that the book thing didn’t come up in the original series, I was happy to see that finally come about! That was Rory’s one step forward (as opposed to ninety back) haha.
      I will admit that by watch through number six, more lyrics have stuck than I would like to admit… I think I still love it because it’s the Stars Hollow we know and love, and everyone together is what makes it the show we love 🙂 Those little moments, like the one with Michele and Lane, that made it for me!
      That being said, I should probably stop watching it…

  • I absolutely binge watched the entire season, and I felt like in the beginning the story was wrapping up and I was getting my closure….until that ending. I was like, “whaaaat?!” The character and plot development definitely surprised me, but all in all I enjoyed it!

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