Living With Purpose, Part VII.- Fraternity Friday

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending another Alpha Gamma Delta Initiation ceremony. No matter how busy or tired or out of it I am, watching it always reminds me how important Alpha Gamma Delta is to me. I believe that taking part in Ritual is just as important for alumnae, if not more so, than it is for collegians. It is a wonderful reminder of why we joined this organisation, and why we still remain members today!

To hold truth inviolable, sincerity essential, kindness invaluable.

Well, if this isn’t a tiny line that packs a hell of a wallop, I don’t know what is. Our Founders really knew how to touch every aspect of life in a very small amount of words. I believe that truth, sincerity, and kindness are all a part of inegrity, and are what make a difference in all of our lives. Without these elements, what kinds of people are we being?

I’m not going to lie, I’m not doing so well lately. Nothing huge but everything is adding up. I’m not sleeping well (or really at all), I’m getting sick and rundown, work is crazy, and life is pulling me in a million different directions. I feel like I’m letting everyone down, and I hate that I’m not there for everyone to the best of my abilities.

However, a few friends at work and one of my Alpha Gam sisters have been there to listen no matter what. It may not mean anything to them, but taking five or ten minutes to listen, or buy me a few Timbits, or bring me a cup of tea has meant a lot to me. Those small acts of kindness have made a big difference. They have also been entirely honest with me, something that I very much appreciate. It might be hard to tell someone that they are taking care of themselves, or that they aren’t getting enough sleep, or (very difficult) that they have taken on more than they can handle. Telling the truth to those close to you is the hallmark of real friendship, at least for me.

Show Your Purpose.jpg

This week in the contest, I want people to post a picture of the sister who has shown you truth, sincerity, and kindness. Both you and your sister will be entered to win the Alpha Gam prize pack, all you have to do is:

1.Post a picture to Instagram showing how a sister lives this line, #truthsinceritykindness! 
2. Tag the sister you are nominating and @anhistorianabouttown in the picture and use #ShowYourPurpose! 
 The winner will be randomly drawn at the end of week 10. Please share with other sisters, and show your Alpha Gam pride!  


Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

One thought on “Living With Purpose, Part VII.- Fraternity Friday

  1. Ida Auclond November 28, 2016 / 3:05 pm

    I’ve never understood what fraternities really are (they’re nonexistent in Québec), but I guess they give students a sense of “being a part of a community”? I think we might be missing out on something there. Anyway, it’s good you have that. ^_^

    If you’re starting to accumulate a sleep debt, I would advise you to talk to a pharmacist about over-the-counter products (or even natural products) that could help you sleep (or sleep better). There’s only so much that healthy habits can do. I used not to want to take pills unless “I’m in agony”, but really… sleep deprivation can have *nasty* consequences – I learned it the hard way.

    Take care!


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