The First Appearance- Style Saturday, 19 November, 2016

On Thursday we had our first hint of snow, Remembrance Day has passed, and there is a definite cold in the air- the Christmas sweaters are out and breathing in the snow! I knew that I had to start wearing sweaters outside of the house now, but in order to avoid several crazy looks, I went with wearing it only on Friday. I got a few odd looks, but mostly high fives and compliments. I was also probably the coziest person in my office. How did I pull this off, you ask?


I started out with a fairly casual look, usually how I wear them to work- if you are going for the casual look, I would recommend jeans or some simple leggings (if your sweater comes past your bum). I find that wearing Christmas sweaters on a regular basis is a balancing act of holiday spirit and low key, to make the whimsy stand out! I’m a fan of building up the holiday-ness; if you wear every piece of holiday wear you own in November, how are you going to kick it up a notch when you are nearing Christmas?!? If you didn’t notice, I went with my sparkly Kate Spade Keds, as nothing says festivity and the holidays like GLITTER! Also, I feel like we all need to normalise glittery shoes, so I’m doing my part…


I’m finally buying a few things here and there, again! I’m trying to be frugal and limit my spending, but Katelynne recommended Epic Soap lip balms to me when I was going through my lip problems. They are made from all natural products, and at $3-4 USD apiece, they are not terribly expensive. I ordered three of the lip balms, but the Hot Cocoa smells absolutely delicious and isn’t too thick or thin on your lips. I’m not the best at trying out new companies, but I’m really happy that I decided to give this a shot.

When do you break out the holiday wear?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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