Living With Purpose, Pt. VI- Fraternity Friday

I’m loving this contest- it is fantastic to be able to see what our sisters are doing for themselves, and for the world around them. Alpha Gamma Delta pushes us to be better women in every way possible. The little changes and actions in our lives are just as meaningful as grand gestures, and I think that this is a great time to celebrate our Fraternity and ourselves! One of my big hopes for this contest is to connect sisters, so please check out the #ShowYourPurpose tag on Instagram to see what sisters have been up to…

Show Your Purpose.jpg

To honour my home, my country, my religious faith. 

In an increasingly global world, home isn’t necessarily where you were born- home is where you make it. Take pride in wherever your home is, and do whatever you can to make it a better place. Just as we strive to improve ourselves, we can improve our home. And along the same lines, we can also work to improve our countries on a grander scale. Our Fraternity is an international fraternity with sisters in numerous provinces, states, and countries. Working within larger networks to affect change is easier than ever with technology, and we are capable and intelligent women who can make a difference. And finally, one of the clauses of the Purpose that I find is most contested nowadays- religion. When the Purpose was written, Protestant Christianity was the mainstream religion of the upper middle class, thus also the mainstream religion of university students. While our Founders might not have imagined the true diversity of our Sisterhood today, I believe that this line now represents the religious freedom that we all should enjoy. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sikh, agnostic, atheist- it is your choice to practice your religion, and it is your duty to respect others’.


At this point in time, I believe that this line could not be more appropriate. The US election has divided the country, and the shock waves from it have certainly reached Canada and the rest of the world. What I have done to live this line of the Purpose this week is to educate myself- on the parties, policies, and legislation that affect Canadians’ every day lives. I personally find myself the centre/slightly left of centre on the Canadian political spectrum, where you would find the Liberal party. I have spent breaks at work, spare moments in the morning, and other random times throughout the day reading through Liberal campaign promises, current policies, proposed legislation, and what is to come in the next year.

To recap, the prize for the contest includes an Alpha Gam tote bag, note pad, and note cards for some rose notes! (Second and third place prizes are in the works, stay tuned.) How does this contest work, you ask? 

To enter the #ShowYourPurpose contest:
1.Post a picture to Instagram showing how you live this line and #honourmyhome! 
2. Tag @anhistorianabouttown in the picture and use #ShowYourPurpose! 
 The winner will be randomly drawn at the end of week 10. Please share with other sisters, and show your Alpha Gam pride!  


How are you honouring your home this week? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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