Slower Reading, More Enjoyment

I’m still reading things slower than I would like, but I am consciously taking the time to enjoy every page I read. Life has been busy and with the holidays coming it is only getting busier, but I am determined to enjoy everything I do and that includes reading. I don’t know why I’m struggling to find books that intrigue me. Typically they jump out at me and slap me in brain until I read it. So, fewer books but more enjoyment! What pages have I been turning? 

The Queens Husband Jean Plaidy

The Queen’s Husband, Jean Plaidy

I, like most people, loved ITV’s Victoria! Jenna Coleman and the rest of the cast and the writers built the young queen’s world, focusing on Victoria and Albert’s courtship and early marriage. So, I set out to find a novel version that was similar. I have almost all of Jean Plaidy’s books but don’t often find myself really interested in them. However, The Queen’s Husband covers the exact period as Victoria and it seemed as good a chance as ever to try a Plaidy. The first half of the book was fantastic; it moved quickly, you got to know Victoria and Albert and Lehzen, and it’s descriptive but not to the point of over-indulgence. However, once they actually were married in the story, their arguments because boring and tedious, the writing became more laboured, and it felt like there was no actual rise and fall in the action. I would offer 2.5/5 stars, to account for the strong start! If you have enjoyed a Plaidy, please let me know in the comments.

Darling Strumpet

The Darling Strumpet, Gillian Bagwell

wanted to love this. It is surprisingly difficult for me to find novels about Charles II (and anyone connected to him) that are available on Kobo and not cripplingly expensive, so I was excited when I got the notification from the library that my hold was in. I started reading it as soon as I picked it up… to read how Nell decided to prostitute herself at the age of ten and the resulting gang-rape scene. Sooooooo, that was a little much. And the graphic descriptions of sex continued for a good half of the book. That’s not really my thing, and I strongly considered abandoning it then and there. However, I pushed on and finished it. The graphic descriptions of sex do taper off and the novels shifts into Nell’s comfortable life with Charles. While that is more of what I wanted to read, it almost felt like two entirely separate novels with two entirely separate Nells. I think I will be staying away from Nell and Charles for the foreseeable future… 2/5 stars maximum!

Pulse and Prejudice Colette Saucier

Pulse and Prejudice: The Confessions of Mr. Darcy, Vampire, Colette Saucier

I keep reading Austen adaptations, and it usually goes sour pretty quickly. I read one, it disappoints me, and then I don’t pick up anything particularly Austen-y for quite a few months. However, Pulse and Prejudice has over a 3.8/5 on Goodreads, and several of my Goodreads friends rated it fairly high. As you can tell from the title, Mr. Darcy is a vampire. I actually found it gave slightly more reason to his character, and it didn’t come off like he was being a jerk to be a jerk. (I know that everyone loves him, but he was a jerk for quite a bit of it for Pride and Prejudice…) It didn’t feel like Saucier had plugged the word vampire into Austen’s original work, like other adaptions. And it didn’t change everything too drastically (“thanks”, Eligible.). It was less than $10 CAD on Kobo, so really not terrible at all. I couldn’t put it down, and that hasn’t happened in quite a while. Overall, 4/5 stars!

Library update: the $1000 goal is still happening, perhaps a little slower but I’m pretty impressed by my savings thus far! When I stopped to think about it, I have saved myself several hundreds of dollars in books, which can be spent on much more useful and practical things. It’s also interesting to look throughout the list and see the variety of genres that I’ve read…

Serving Victoria– $37
The Sisters of Versailles– $18.75
Death of a Maid-$15
Death of a Perfect Maid– $15
Death of Yesterday– $15
Shopaholic to the Stars– $15
First Grave on the Right-$15
The Perfect Hero– $16
The Royal Palaces of London– $55
China Rich Girlfriend-$15
The Art of the English Murder– $18.50
I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star- $15
A Weekend with Mr. Darcy– $25
Razing the Dead– $10
The Girl You Left Behind– $12.25
Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style-$30.50
Bitter is the New Black– $15
You’re Never Weird on the Internet– $15
The Knockoff– $19.50
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery-
Alix and Nicky- $9.00
The Tao of Martha-
Game of Crowns- $30.75
Girl on the Golden Coin- 
I Regret Nothing– $19.50
The Wish List– $15.00
Grace’s Guide– $19.00
You Deserve a Drink- $13.50
The Madwoman Upstairs– $19.50
Eligible– $25.25
– $17.75
Always Pack a Party Dress– $32.25
Lessons From Madame Chic– $20.00
The Lost King of France– $15.00
Who’s That Girl?- $10.00
The Assistants– $18.00
The Massey Murder– $22.25
The Darling Strumpet- $18.50

Grand Total Savings via Library Card- $713.75

So, what have you been reading lately? Do you have any holiday classics you read every year?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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