DIY: Making Your Own Christmas Sweater, Style Saturday

I think that we are now at the point in time where we can drop the Ugly in “Ugly Christmas Sweater” and embrace the awesome that they are! Now more than ever the world needs some good ju-ju and cheer, and holiday sweaters are just the ticket. I will admit that I now own five holiday sweaters and a hoodie; I can’t promise that I won’t end up with more this holiday season. Some have movable scarves and fuzzy faces, sequins, and bells- fingers crossed there is one out there for me with lights!! I have been able to grab all of mine for a reasonable price, usually $20 CAD or less (or the equivalent in USD or Euro). However, the prices seem to rise each year for a piece of clothing that realistically can be worn for roughly four weeks total. My recommendation? DIY your own! 


In order to match my Christmas sweaters, I DIY-ed a Christmas bow skirt. And I have to say, the hardest part was actually finding a skirt. Be it a skirt or a sweater, it is a simple process!

What Do I Need?
-Sweater/skirt/scarf/hat/item of clothing to holiday up! (New or vintage, stick with something that isn’t itchy- no one wants to wear itchy clothes, for a day or an hour.)
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks
-Bows, garlands, ribbons, pom pom, ornaments, felt shapes, and any other bedazzlement that may strike your fancy
-An area to make said item and leave out to dry

How Do I Make This?
1. Make sure sweater (or whatever item) is clean, especially if it is vintage.
2. Lay decorations out on sweater before gluing anything down- you will want to make sure that everything actually fits before making it permanent.
3. Turn on glue gun and let it heat up; lay out extra glue sticks near by so you aren’t searching when you should be gluing!
4. Glue decorations onto sweater. Make sure that you glue the back of the decoration and not the sweater- it will minimise the number of uncomfortable bumps on the inside of the sweater!
5. If you are decorating the front and the back, let one side dry entirely (decorations are firm and unmoving) before moving onto the next.
6. Shake off before the leaving the house to make sure that you aren’t shedding tiny presents or glitter or pom poms everywhere you go!


General Tips?

-Try to pick one theme- a Grinch/Rudolph/Home Alone/Santa sweater will be very overwhelming, and quite frankly, just confusing for everyone who looks at you.

-Go to the dollar store for decorations! Realistically, this isn’t a high end sweater and you don’t need to spend a ton on tiny Santa hats to hot glue them on something. Dollar stores will have great prices and an even better selection than craft stores.

-Consider the weight of an item before you glue it to clothing. Too heavy and it very well rip off of your sweater in the middle of your holiday party. Whoops.

-If you are going to make the Christmas tree sweater (where you wrap your arms together above your head to make one big tree, see here), have someone help you and trace the design with fabric chalk! This is the one sweater that can look really sloppy if care isn’t taken.

-Just have fun with it! Put on a Christmas movie or some music, grab some cookies, and get in the spirit. This is not a serious craft, so embrace it!

Do you have a favourite holiday sweater? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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